ZIA Gallery: To Summon Spring

To Summon Spring

Coming up fast at ZIA Gallery: Two Must-See Exhibitions!

Expect an explosion of color and exuberance with ZIA Gallery’s next exhibition! To Summon Spring features a great line-up of Gallery Artists and Artworks – Mary Burke, Melissa Jay Craig, Michael Cutlip, Karina Hean, Charles Gniech, Anne Hughes, Ted Preuss, Jonathan Ricci, Fumiko Toda, John Vlahakis and Kathy Weaver. Opening Reception is next Saturday, February 22, 5:00 – 7:00pm at ZIA Gallery, 548 Chestnut St., Winnetka, IL 60093. The exhibition runs through March 15, 2014.

Immediately following, ZIA Gallery presents another intriguing exhibition: Iceland Inspired. More and more artists are finding their way to Iceland and discovering the wonders of the land and its fascinating geotectonic geology. Photographer and environmentally aware John Vlahakis and mixed media painter Jonathan Ricci recently spent extended time in Iceland creating considerable bodies of work. Last summer, Ricci turned a two-month artist’s residency in Skagastrond into a productive period developing paintings infused with abstract references to land, maps and bird-life. Works conceived from that time will be on exhibit. John Vlahakis chose February as the month to compose remarkable images including a number of large-scale photographs. His work elicits frequent expressions of awe. Internationally acclaimed National Geographic photographer Bob Krist and mixed media painter Anne Hughes serve as bookends to the exhibition with a smaller amount of work equally inspired by time spent in Iceland. The exhibition opens March 22, 5 – 7pm and runs through April 26th, 2014. See how Iceland is influencing art in Iceland Inspired.

To Summon Spring works pictured by:
First row
Ted Preuss, Mary Burke, Melissa Jay Craig and Michael Cutlip
Second Row
Kathy Weaver, Karina Hean, Charles Gniech, and Fumiko Toda
Third Row
Jonathan Ricci, John Vlahakis, and Anne Hughes

Website: www.ZIAgallery.net

548 Chestnut St.
Winnetka, IL 60093

Clyde Butcher and Ted Preuss to Exhibit at ZIA Gallery

Clyde Butcher and Ted Preuss to Exhibit at ZIA Gallery

Clyde Butcher and Ted Preuss to Exhibit at ZIA Gallery

Opening October 19th  2013, ZIA Gallery features stunning classic black and white work by two fine art photographers. Clyde Butcher is noted for his large format silver gelatin prints of nature bringing attention to the wonders of untouched environment across the United States. He is the subject of several documentary films and is the recipient of numerous awards including several honors from the state of Florida and the Sierra Club. His work is widely collected and exhibited in museums across the US and internationally.

Ted Preuss concentrates on sensual elegance of the female figure. Poetic interpretation of gesture along with acute attention to composition, light and form are central to his art form. He picked up his first camera at the age of seven and instantly became obsessed with the nature of the medium. Preuss, too, uses traditional techniques, including a vintage view camera with century old lenses. The process of making prints is as important to him as the practice of creating photographs. He chooses platinum palladium as a printing process for its distinct vintage quality and archival properties. His work is often diminutive and intimate in scale. His work been featured in Zoom Magazine, Focus Magazine, Large Format Magazine and is collected worldwide.

Join us on Saturday, October 19th from 5 – 7pm for the opening Clyde Butcher and Ted Preuss, Photography. The exhibition continues through November 23rd.

Website: www.ZIAgallery.net

Zoriah Miller and Roland Kulla at ZIA Gallery

2013-06-RKZMpostcard (1)

Coming up in June, ZIA Gallery presents a powerful exhibition featuring two outstanding artists, renowned photographer Zoriah Miller and remarkable photorealistic painter Roland Kulla.

Expect a moving body of work from Zoriah Miller, who is listed by Ranker.com for 2013 as one of the world’s most famous photojournalist. Zoriah Miller’s humanitarianism is evident through his remarkable photography. Zoriah says of his work “I believe very strongly in the power of the still image, and I choose to focus my work on conflict, crisis and disasters because I want my work to educate people and motivate them to better the world.” Zoriah’s work has taken him to over 85 countries. He is the recipient of numerous awards, and his work is included in major publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal among countless others.

Zoriah is now the inspiration for a new movie A Thousand Times Goodnight starring Juliette Binoche. Zoriah photographed all the still images for the film and coached Binoche in her role as photojournalist. The film, directed by Erik Poppe, is scheduled to be released this autumn. Take advantage of this opportunity to view Zoriah’s photography and meet the artist at ZIA Gallery. Zoriah will be flying in from Rio for the opening reception.

Chicago artist Roland Kulla will be showing a new body of work focusing on the grandeur and complex structure of bridges. This time he chooses railroad bridges from Blue Island to Maryland, St. Louis to St. Charles. He has an eye for interesting plays of color, form and texture. His paintings are packed with detail. Of two new works depicting views of St. Louis’ MacArthur Bridge, Kulla says they are “over the top – even for me!”  Kulla is represented in corporate and private collections including having 5 large works in the Metropolitan Club in Willis Tower.

This exhibition is not to be missed. Both artists will be in attendance at the opening reception. All are welcome. The gallery is located two short blocks from the Winnetka Metra Station.

Roland Kulla New Paintings and Zoriah Miller Photography
June 8 – July 20, 2013
Opening Reception Saturday, June 8, 5:00 – 7:00pm.

See also: Mary Burke and Beverly Zawitkoski at ZIA Gallery

ZIA Gallery
548 Chestnut St.
Winnetka, IL 60093

Mary Burke and Beverly Zawitkoski at ZIA Gallery

BurkeZawitkoskiPostcard2013-04-12 at 10.26.27 PM

April 20 – June 1, 2013, ZIA Gallery presents Mary Burke and Beverly Zawitkoski two artists who share an intuitive approach toward beginning a work, yet arrive at very different aesthetics. Burke turns her attention to surface, pattern, texture and rhythm, enjoying the process of analyzing all elements of building a successful painting. Her focus becomes about paint and mark-making; taming infinite possibilities into something that continues to engage. On the other hand, Zawitkoski’s process of exploring paint and surface always returns to an emotional impulse. Her abstractions of nature and humanity are the means to evoking ineffable beauty and mystery.

Mary Burke and Beverly Zawitkoski at ZIA Gallery, 548 Chestnut Street, Winnetka. The opening reception is Saturday, April 20th, 4:30 – 7pm. As always, all are welcome. The event is free and an opportunity to enjoy viewing art, meet the artists, and ask questions.

The gallery is located two short blocks from the Winnetka Metra Station.

Website: www.ZIAgallery.net

Richard Laurent and Alex Devereux at ZIA|Gallery

Winnetka cultural hotspot ZIA|Gallery was pleased to host a full house on the evening of Saturday, March 9th, at the opening reception for painters Richard Laurent and Alex Devereux. Prominent community members and out-of-town visitors alike were thrilled to take in the surreal, symbolic oil paintings by Laurent and the contemplative, photorealistic acrylic works by Devereux. A local couple who collects Laurent’s work attended the event with their young granddaughter, who is an art enthusiast, and has visited the gallery on several occasions. She declares that ZIA is her favorite gallery, urging all accompanying adults to explore the inspiring environment and discuss the work. At the opening reception, the smiling trio walked around the space with Laurent, talking enthusiastically about aesthetics, techniques, and symbolism in his work. Laurent explained that his paintings of chairs situated in nature reference how most of us experience nature today: at home in a comfortable chair. He suggests that we are losing direct contact by neglecting to explore the outdoors. The luminosity of the paintings and fanciful merging of imagery nevertheless evoke reverence and wonder for our natural environment.

Emerging Chicago-area artist Devereux enjoyed his first two-person exhibition, with plenty of support from his social and professional circles. Throughout the evening, several visitors made remarks about a perceived connection between Devereux’s paintings and the work of Edward Hopper, seen at Chicago’s Art Institute. Not bad company! Devereux’s still, unoccupied buildings in stark, dark surroundings, illuminated by neon lights, are reminiscent of the mood and light in Hopper’s work. Devereux graciously accepted compliments for the depth of the night sky in his painting Corner Garage, and the pulsating light of a neon sign, depicted in Schlitz.

Many artists, some represented by ZIA, were present at the opening, and held lively discussions with Laurent and Devereux about their work. Kathy Weaver, whose exhibition at ZIA (of imaginative, mixed media works on fabric) just ended, is an enthusiastic supporter of fellow artists and the gallery. Roland Kulla, who was credited by Richard Laurent as having instilled his studio work ethic, was present, and will be exhibiting a new body of paintings of railroad bridges at ZIA in June. But now, there is much to appreciate and absorb from the works of Richard Laurent and Alex Devereux, as the exhibition continues through April 13th at ZIA | Gallery.

AdmirerLooksAtLaurentPtgsAtZIA LaurentAnswersQuestions VisitorStudiesDevereuxPtg