Hebru Brantley “Eat Crap King”

Hebru Brantley, the Chicago based world-renowned artist, debuts his second solo show at Vertical Gallery with Eat Crap King. The exhibit will be on display at Vertical Gallery, 1016 N. Western Ave., Chicago, from February 4 – 25, 2017.

Brantley’s pop-infused contemporary art is inspired by Japanese anime and the bold aesthetics of street art pioneers Jean-Michel Basquiat, KAWS and Keith Haring. Eat Crap King explores the relationship between the two major contemporary art archetypes of Basquiat and Andy Warhol. Placing the two artistic celebrities in the same two-dimensional frame, it fosters inquiries of power, race and the true nature of the celebrity relationship. The work considers the chasm between the two in their artistic careers. Warhol became a representative of the traditional institutionalized art world status, while Basquiat remained more rebellious and navigated the art world through non-conforming means previous to his death.

Additionally, Eat Crap King exposes similarities between Brantley and Basquiat’s identity and modes of operation throughout the art world. Brantley’s non-traditional relationship between street art and the art world mirrors his muse. Eat Crap King subversively probes at the art world’s lineage by using familiar, iconic Pop-Art imagery and contemporary art archetypes. The series inspects hierarchy and status, while also reflecting on Brantley’s identity and the merging of the traditional and non-conformity within his career.

Recognized nationally for public works and solo shows, Hebru Brantley has exhibited in Chicago, London, Geneva, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York including Art Basel Switzerland, Art Basel Miami, Scope NYC and Frieze London. He has collaborated with Cadillac, Adidas, Nike, Red Bull and Skyy Vodka, among others, and has a roster of clients including George Lucas, Jay-Z, LeBron James, Lupe Fiasco, Tyra Banks and Swizz Beats. His work has been featured in national and international magazines and newspapers, including Graffiti Arts Magazine, Ebony, Jet, New York Post, The Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune, and Chicago Sun-Times. Brantley earned a B.A. in Film from Clark Atlanta University, and has a background in design and media illustration.

Hebru Brantley
Eat Crap King
February 4 – 25
Opening reception with the artist, Saturday, February 4, 6-10pm

Vertical Gallery
1016 N Western Ave., Chicago 60622

ICONS at Vertical Gallery

Vertical Gallery is proud to present “ICONS”, a 3-artist exhibition featuring RYCA, Brad Novak and Chris Cunningham. The exhibition will run from November 5 –26, 2016 with an opening reception Saturday, November 5, 6-10pm.

All three international artists are known for their signature pop-contemporary art styles, each using iconic figures in their work. For the past decade, Ryan Callanan (UK), aka RYCA, has worked tirelessly as an artist and printmaker. His use of pop iconography has garnered wide appeal, with many noted collectors and celebrity owners. Brad Novak (NZ) is an urban artist whose work sits sharply at the nexus between fine art and street art. His one-of-a-kind, hand-collaged and stencil-spray-painted works involve the layering of popular imagery, specifically the depiction of celebrities from the hyper-inflated world of American stardom. Chris Cunningham (UK) works exclusively with spray-paint and contemporary stencil techniques. References to pop culture, graffiti, skateboard graphics and comic book iconography feature heavily alongside the instantly recognizable pop culture icons, logos and the symbols of our time, exploring the effect they have on our society.

ICONS featuring RYCA, Brad Novak, and Chris Cunningham
November 5 – 26, 2016
Opening reception Saturday, November 5, 6-10pm
Vertical Gallery, 1016 N Western Ave., Chicago

Greg Gossel: The Color of Life

Vertical Gallery is proud to present “The Color of Life”, our second solo exhibition with Minneapolis-based artist Greg Gossel, featuring over 50 new original works. The exhibition will run from October 1 – 29, 2016 with an opening reception with the artist Saturday, October 1, 6-10pm.

Continuing to explore his signature mixed-media pop aesthetic, Gossel debuts a new series of letter-based works and wood panel collages for “The Color of Life”. Pulp noir and silver age romance comics are juxtaposed with anonymous family photos, vintage dime store packaging, and children’s coloring books; creating a fragmented visual memory of times gone by. These images are applied to wood panels with silkscreen ink, acrylic paint, and enamel; only to be physically cut apart and reconstructed in rhythmic geometric patterns referencing the works of Frank Stella and Jasper Johns. The end result is a new series of vibrant, heavily layered compositions that offer a window into the joys and sadness that make up the colors of life.

About Greg Gossel: Gossel was born in 1982 in western Wisconsin, and currently resides in Minneapolis, MN. With a background in design, his work is an expressive interplay of many diverse words, images, and gestures. Gossel’s multi-layered work illustrates a visual history of change and process that simultaneously features and condemns popular culture. His work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and abroad, including Japan, London, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, and Chicago. His commercial clients include American Express, Levi’s, Burton Snowboards, Stussy, VICE Magazine, and Interscope Records.

About Vertical Gallery: Vertical Gallery is committed to exhibiting and promoting urban, contemporary and street art. Established in 2013 in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood, the gallery focuses on work influenced by urban environments, street art, pop culture, graphic design and illustration. New monthly exhibits highlight local, national, and international artists with a mix of solo and group shows. You may view and purchase past and current work either in the gallery space or online. Vertical Gallery also consults on public art commissions, creating new collections, corporate collections, and secondary market artwork.

Greg Gossel
“The Color of Life”
October 1 – 29, 2016
Opening reception Saturday, October 1, 6-10pm
Vertical Gallery, 1016 N Western Ave., Chicago


Vertical Gallery is pleased to present a special exhibition “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERA?” with Hera of Herakut, Jasmin Siddiqui. The exhibition is July 2 – 30, 2016 with an opening reception with the artist Saturday, July 2, 6-10pm.

Jasmin Siddiqui was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1981. She has a classic art education that started at the age of eight. She later studied Visual Communication and Graphic Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden. She combines her skills as a graffiti artist, illustrator, poet and storyteller to create fluid figures with simultaneously elegant and chaotic line and brushstrokes. Her work is often a statement on the human condition and experiences of childhood.

In 2004, Jasmin joined forces with Akut (Falk Lehmann) and began creating collaborative work under the name of Herakut. The duo has exhibited in galleries and art fairs worldwide; they have created over 40 public murals; published two successful books; and are in major collections around the world.

This is Hera’s first solo exhibition in 8 years.

“WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERA?” with Hera of Herakut, Jasmin Siddiqui.
July 2 – 30, 2016
Opening reception with the artist Saturday, July 2, 6-10pm.
Vertical Gallery, 1016 N Western Ave., Chicago

Le Silence Des Pantoufles Après La Pluie

Whimsical, innocent, hopeful, poignant, playful, funny, free and infectious. Vertical Gallery is proud to present the debut USA exhibition for Ella and Pitr, “Le Silence Des Pantoufles Après La Pluie” (“The Silence of the Slippers After the Rain”), June 4-25, 2016. For 10 years, the French art duo has created a family of larger than life characters that resonate deeply with an ever-growing global audience. Much like their street work on parking lots, rooftops, school yards, and walls around the world, the impeccably drafted characters that inhabit their gallery work can barely be contained within the frame, bursting with life and love and purpose.

They have received international recognition for their street art projects. Their huge characters – giants, humans or animals – usually asleep, are sometimes not visible from the ground. When the characters painted in these unusual places, it gives the impression that the walls and borders keep them stuck where they are. There street work can be found in France, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Chile, and soon in the USA in Chicago. Come join us for this special exhibition to explore the world through the eyes of Ella & Pitr.

Ella & Pitr
“Le Silence Des Pantoufles Après La Pluie” (“The Silence of the Slippers After the Rain”)
June 4-25, 2016
Opening reception with artists Saturday, June 4, 6-10pm

Vertical Gallery, 1016 N Western Ave., Chicago