Jillian Evelyn: It’s About Time

Vertical Gallery is thrilled to present a solo show of new work by Los Angeles-based painter Jillian Evelyn. ‘It’s About Time’ will be exhibited at Line Dot from March 23rd until April 20th, with an artist reception on opening night from 6:00-9:00pm.

‘It’s About Time’ investigates temporal experience from a female perspective, delving into the near-obsessive nature of women’s relationship with time. The increasingly rapid pace of our technology-driven world and the feminist reckoning of the ‘Time’s Up’ movement lend a particular relevance to the subject, but Jillian Evelyn’s panoptic lens extends beyond the current moment and is rooted in her own experience. Evelyn created the artwork for this exhibition as a way to confront and to process her personal and cultural observations of women’s relationship to time. She traces the burgeoning complexity of this relationship to the transition from childhood to womanhood and the cyclical rhythm that slowly develops therein. Now in her thirties, the artist is discovering a new set of challenges that women face around aging and childbearing. Reflecting society’s limited scope of female value centered on unrealistic expectations of physical appearance and motherhood, women are often left feeling that their worth diminishes as they age.

‘It’s About Time’ combats these dominant cultural narratives and offers an unapologetic alternative that embraces female experience in all its messy complexity. In these new paintings, Evelyn plays with texture and linework to novel effect, resulting in a fresh take on the signature style of her previous pieces. Reflecting on this creative process, Evelyn articulates that “it felt suitable to utilize this time to grow as an artist rather than fear change and the idea that my time as an artist will come to an end.”

Born in the midwest and currently living in Los Angeles, Jillian Evelyn is a highly accomplished painter, sculptor, illustrator and printmaker. Her practice balances challenging conceptual themes that tackle the darker sides of modern life with a brightly-colored pop aesthetic. In addition to gallery shows across the US, her work has been featured in Juxtapoz, Vice, CONTEXT Art Miami, and other major fairs and publications.

Jillian Evelyn: It’s About Time
March 23 – April 20, 2019
Opening reception with the artist on Saturday, March 23rd 6:00-9:00pm

Vertical Gallery
1016 N. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622

TWO SIDES – Gemma Compton and Copyright

Vertical Gallery presents a special two artist exhibition from Copyright and Gemma Compton titled “Two Sides”. The Bristol, UK-based husband and wife will debut new individual works, as well as collaborative pieces. The exhibition runs March 2 – 23, 2019 with an opening reception with the artists on Saturday, March 2nd, 6:00-9:00pm.

Copyright has been fusing street art, graffiti and traditional painting styles for over 15 years. His paintings represent a contradiction of idealism and unattainable visions of beauty found in fashion, music and popular culture – often depicted by butterflies, flowers and beautiful women. Copyright is continuously experimenting and pushing his work forward, mixing new materials and techniques with his trademark style, with the resulting paintings being a unique blend of fine art and street art. In addition to exhibiting throughout Europe, he had a solo show at Vertical in 2016, and has participated in art fairs and several group shows with the gallery.

Gemma Compton explores the meaning of fragility, love, life and loss. Her work contains elements of graffiti, illustration and photo realism, creating a mix of styles that makes her art bold, beautiful and impactful. Her work has crossed from gallery walls to high street fashion labels, interiors and street art murals. Gemma has exhibited throughout the UK and internationally, including the Houses of Parliament in 2014.

Copyright & Gemma Compton “Two Sides”
March 2 – 23, 2019
Opening reception, Saturday, March 2nd, 6:00 – 9:00 pm.
Vertical Gallery, 1016 N Western Ave., Chicago


February 2 – 23, 2019
Opening reception, Saturday, February 2nd, 6:00 – 9:00 pm.
Vertical Gallery, 1016 N Western Ave., Chicago

Vertical Gallery is proud to present their first exhibition of 2019 titled INSTINCT, featuring Adonna Khare (US), Hama Woods (NO), Dzia (BE), ShadowMonsterBear (US), Sweler (AU), and Ava Grey/Czr Prz (US). Throughout art history, animals have served as inspiration for emotions, conflict, environmental issues, personal experiences, and more. All six of these artists incorporate animals in their work, and are exhibiting at Vertical for the first time. The show runs February 2 – 23, with an opening reception on Saturday, February 2nd, 6-9pm.

Sweler is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia who at an early age was influenced and involved in the Street Graffiti scene. After moving to London in 2001 he spent ten years developing his style and working as a freelance artist. Having a small break from painting, Sweler moved back to Melbourne where he is again developing his craft. Today his art is character and creature based. He paints characters that at first glance seem pleasant but a darker side resides beneath the surface.

DZIA is a Belgian street and urban artist known for his animal murals composed of bold abstract and geometric lines. Born and raised in the city of Antwerp, Belgium, DZIA is classically trained with a masters in fine art at the Royal Academy in his hometown. DZIA works across a variety of media that ranges from stencils, painting, sculpture and taxidermy through to street art and graffiti, typically depicting wild animals.

Hama Woods is a stencil artist, based in Oslo, Norway. Her work reflects the sociological approach to greed and consumption, and its direct effect on our natural environment. Her hope is to empower and challenge viewers to come to their own conclusions and to rethink the choices they make which effect today and tomorrow.

ShadowMonsterBear is a self-taught artist living in Los Angeles, California. She is known for creating bright, animal murals using spray paint and acrylic. ShadowMonsterBear painted her first commissioned mural in 2013, and has since painted numerous murals in Los Angeles, Miami, Denver, and around the country.

Adonna Khare is a Los Angeles based artist focused on carbon pencil on paper drawings. Born in a small town in Iowa, she went on to receive her Masters of Fine Art from California State University Long Beach. She creates animals in absurd situations using pencil, an eraser and a sock as her tools. The drawings are never pre-planned, rather they evolve organically through her experiences.

Ava Grey / Czr Prz is an artist duo comprised of Caesar Perez and Nick Glazebrook – a partnership that seamlessly weaves their individual vision and talents. Fueled by a mutual desire to create intricate works of art featuring a range of materials, they’re constantly evolving their techniques to create sculptures iconic to their own style.

Vertical Gallery
1016 N. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622

John Bond “Wrong Time / Wrong Place”

Vertical Gallery is proud to present John Bond “Wrong Time / Wrong Place”. In his first show in the United States, the British illustrator will feature 30 new original paintings that sees ‘man’s best friend’ planted within a surreal life/death universe that only exists inside John’s dog-obsessed mind. The exhibition runs November 30 – December 29, with an opening reception with the artist on Friday, November 30th, 6-9pm.

John’s work is defined by its brevity and wit. His style is concise, his tone of voice irreverent and his concepts deceptively simple. He utilizes a cast of charming characters to explore endless ideas about our day-to-day existence, no matter how mundane or abstract. With a background in animation and digital media, John spent 7 years at award winning agency Kanoti, illustrating and art directing a multitude of projects for games, apps, broadcast and interactive content.

Since 2014, John has worked independently as an illustrator producing work for editorial, merchandise, campaigns and exhibitions. Most recently his debut picture book, ‘Mini Rabbit Not Lost’ has been published by HarperCollins, the first of three books written and illustrated by John.

John Bond “Wrong Time / Wrong Place”
November 30 – December 29, 2018
Opening reception, Friday, November 30th , 6:00 – 9:00 pm.
Vertical Gallery, 1016 N Western Ave., Chicago
Website: VerticalGallery.com

Hebru Brantley “Eat Crap King”

Hebru Brantley, the Chicago based world-renowned artist, debuts his second solo show at Vertical Gallery with Eat Crap King. The exhibit will be on display at Vertical Gallery, 1016 N. Western Ave., Chicago, from February 4 – 25, 2017.

Brantley’s pop-infused contemporary art is inspired by Japanese anime and the bold aesthetics of street art pioneers Jean-Michel Basquiat, KAWS and Keith Haring. Eat Crap King explores the relationship between the two major contemporary art archetypes of Basquiat and Andy Warhol. Placing the two artistic celebrities in the same two-dimensional frame, it fosters inquiries of power, race and the true nature of the celebrity relationship. The work considers the chasm between the two in their artistic careers. Warhol became a representative of the traditional institutionalized art world status, while Basquiat remained more rebellious and navigated the art world through non-conforming means previous to his death.

Additionally, Eat Crap King exposes similarities between Brantley and Basquiat’s identity and modes of operation throughout the art world. Brantley’s non-traditional relationship between street art and the art world mirrors his muse. Eat Crap King subversively probes at the art world’s lineage by using familiar, iconic Pop-Art imagery and contemporary art archetypes. The series inspects hierarchy and status, while also reflecting on Brantley’s identity and the merging of the traditional and non-conformity within his career.

Recognized nationally for public works and solo shows, Hebru Brantley has exhibited in Chicago, London, Geneva, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York including Art Basel Switzerland, Art Basel Miami, Scope NYC and Frieze London. He has collaborated with Cadillac, Adidas, Nike, Red Bull and Skyy Vodka, among others, and has a roster of clients including George Lucas, Jay-Z, LeBron James, Lupe Fiasco, Tyra Banks and Swizz Beats. His work has been featured in national and international magazines and newspapers, including Graffiti Arts Magazine, Ebony, Jet, New York Post, The Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune, and Chicago Sun-Times. Brantley earned a B.A. in Film from Clark Atlanta University, and has a background in design and media illustration.

Hebru Brantley
Eat Crap King
February 4 – 25
Opening reception with the artist, Saturday, February 4, 6-10pm

Vertical Gallery
1016 N Western Ave., Chicago 60622