Union Street Gallery: Minute Musings

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April 16 – May 10, 2014

Regional Juried Exhibit of Small Works (second floor) 

Juried by Madeline Henry and Jessica Segal

Reception | Friday April 25 | 6-9pm

Art does not have to be large to make a statement. Some of the most powerful pieces of art are the smallest. Small art is deliberate and intimate; it draws the viewer in closer, causes them linger. Small art can be playful and whimsical like a toy, familiar like everyday objects, or precious like a small altar.

Minute Musings is an exhibit of art that is 12″ and smaller. The exhibit will include 69 works of art by 45 talented artists from the Midwest region. Art exhibiting includes painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramics, digital art, collage, assemblage, mixed media and video.

Please join us for the opening reception for “Minute Musings” April 25, 6-9pm. Many of the artists will be present at the reception. Guests are encouraged to engage and ask the artists about their work. Refreshments will be served. This is a free event, but donations are welcomed and appreciated!

Exhibiting Artists:  

Bruce Alves III, Lisa Ambrose,Shelby Bergen, Wayne Bertola, Tania Blanco, Diana Chrisman, Sherri Denault, Doug DeWitt,  Pam Eberlin, Susan Emmerson, J.S. Ferguson, Brian Gallagher, John Gutierrez, Carol Hamilton, Linda Lane Haynes,  Ryan Hoevenaar, Fran Hollander,Melissa Huang, Mark Kennedy, Taehoon Kim, Renee Klyczek Nordstrom, Laura Lein-Svencner, Gray Lyons, Christine McCullough, Janice Meister,

Joe B. Milosevich, Ahavani Mullen, Jacqueline J. Nalls,

Greg Petecki, Barbara Pompei Boland, Ginny Raftery, Mark Reed, Michelle Richardella, Eric Rosell, Don Sala, Leon Sarantos,  Ian Matthew Shelly, Mary Ann Trzyna, L.A. Watson, Carol Weber, Linda Wilson, Linda Wilson, Kathryn Wingard, Chelsea Witherby, Matthew Wright, Vonda Yarberry

Union Street Gallery
1527 Otto Blvd
Chicago Heights
IL 60411

Phone: 708 754 2601
Website: www.unionstreetgallery.org

National Juried Exhibit: Who We Aren’t


February 26-March 29

Opening Reception | Friday, February 28 | 6-9pm

Who We Aren’t is another of Union Street Gallery’s national juried exhibits. This exibit features 44 talented artists from 19 different states exhibiting art that explores alter egos, secret identities, fictional personas. This figurative exhibit was juried by Paul Klein, art critic and consultant, and Patrick Earl Hammie, professional artist best known for his monumental portraits. To learn more about the jurors, visit http://www.unionstreetgallery.org/whowearent.htm

Join us for the opening reception of this extraordinary exhibit  Friday February 28, 6-9pm. Many of the exhibiting artists will be present at the reception. We encourage our visiting public to engage the artists about their work. Admission is free, but a donation is appreciated. Refreshments will be served.       

Exhibiting Artists

Tom Acevedo, James Arendt, Sarah M. Bender, Kristine Boteva, Becky Brown-Clements,  Chris Cicala, Keri Joy Colestock, Brian DiNicola, Jessica Edler, Donna Faranda, Colleen Fitzgerald, Stephen Garrison, Mark Geil, Matthew Groves,Matthew Hoelscher, Drew Hoffman, Shelly Hokanson, Hali Linn, Jessica Maria Manley, David Marion, Dennis K. McGinnis,

Rhea O’Neill, Dami Onifade, John M. Orr, Julian Pahre, Cheryl Polcaro, J.A. Ramirez, Lauren Amalia Redding, Michael Reedy, Marika Robak, Nicholas Schleif, Tania Sen,

Carlie Sherry, Alexander K. Silva, David Simcik, Jessica Smit, Geoffrey Stein, Mike Stephens, Jessica Summers, Nicole White, Derek Wilkinson, Christine Wuenschel, Erin Zerbe, Mark S. Zimmerman

“Minute Musings” Regional Juried Exhibit

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CALL FOR ART– small works, regional juried exhibit

ENTRY DEADLINE:  Entries due to Gallery by March 12th.

Not a postmarked date! Digital entries due by 10pm. Mailed-in entries due by 5pm.

Artists from the Midwest are invited to submit small works of art, 12 inches or under to Minute Musings, regional juried at Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL.  All media will be considered. Video entries must be created for viewing on a small screen and artist must provide the screen/video player (must be 12 inches or smaller).

Jurors  |  Union Street Gallery Director Jessica Segal and Studio Artist Madeline Henry.

For juror Bios visit www.unionstreetgallery.org/minutemusings2014

Awards | first $125  | second $75  | third $50

Entry Fee: $20 for up to 3 entries. $15 for members

For prospectus and to enter the exhibit visit www.unionstreetgallery.org/MinuteMusings2014.htm

Javier Chavira | Disparate Images

"Disparate Imgaes" by Javier Chavira, mixed media

“Disparate Imgaes” by Javier Chavira, mixed media

August 7-September 7
Opening Reception | Friday August 9 | 6-9pm

Javier Chavira is an artist who has no misgivings about creating images that straddle the line between realism and abstraction. He is as much at home with the technical rigor of academic tradition as he is with the liberating nature of formalism.

Disparate Images is a collection of works created between 2006 and 2013 that highlight his virtuosity of employing various materials and displays a range of representational and abstract forms. Some early work, the portraits of specific heroic and symbolic personages, are influenced by the iconography of his Catholic upbringing while other work, which could be categorized as organic abstraction, is influenced by nature.

Some of Javier’s most current work, particularly the Disparate Unit Sequence is the artist’s attempt to create work that is not explainable other than in the terms of itself. Literally, it is a collection of in-congruent images without a narrative. The sequence is made of pictures that follow a square format that for the most part dictates composition and whose form and color are confined within the walls of the frame. The artist characterizes this collection as “A community of independent individuals who share some characteristics but are also reluctant neighbors.”

Join Union Street Gallery for the opening reception of Javier’s exhibit “Disparate Images” August 9, 6-9pm. There will be refreshments to enjoy along with the art work. This event is free and open to the public. Donations are appreciated.

Website: www.unionstreetgallery.org

CALL FOR ART- Fluidity, Regional Juried Exhibit

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Entry Deadline- July 6th

Exhibit Dates- August 7-Sept 7

Artists are invited to submit works that focus on or suggest the definition of Fluidity, “smooth and graceful in a way that seems relaxed.” This description might lead to works with compositions that minimize straight lines, harsh colors, or frenzied activity, and instead rely on tranquil and subdued, curvilinear or organic elements.

Open to artists 18+ living in IL, IN, MI, WI, MN, IA, MO, OH, & KY. All media will be considered.

Juror: Professional Artist Renee Klyczek Nordstrom. Entry Fee: $20 for 3 submissions. Entry Deadline July 6th.

For prospectus and more info visit www.unionstreetgallery.org or email unionstreetart@gmail.com. To enter exhibit visit artsubmit-unionstreetgallery.org/Submit/PickExhibit.aspx.