Spirit Animals at Rotofugi Gallery

Rotofugi Gallery invites you to join them on the evening of Friday, March 4, 7-10pm for the opening of Spirit Animals, new works by Valency Genis.

The gallery has featured Valency’s wonderful sculptures in group exhibits in the past and wanted to bring you a wider selection of these amazing pieces, so this will be a full gallery solo exhibit!

While studying for her BFA at the University of New Mexico, Valency discovered that she had the power to create creatures and control their aesthetics, while minimizing the tragedy associated with taxidermied animals. She takes an almost Dr. Frankenstein-like glee in crafting her unique animals, drawing on influences ranging from Dr. Seuss to Natural History Museum dioramas. She graduated in 2011 and has since exhibited her works continuously at galleries throughout the US and abroad.

Valency will be in attendance at the opening reception.

For those unable to attend, exhibit pieces will be offered to the gallery preview list on the day of the opening, beginning at 2pm Central (email goes out at 10am), you can sign up at previews.rotofugi.com.

Exhibit continues through March 27, 2016.

Rotofugi Gallery
2780 N Lincoln Avenue

Sutured and Untamed – New Works by David Ball

“Transmission” 24″x30″, Mixed-media on wood panel

Sutured and Untamed
New Works by David Ball
June 29-July 29, 2012
Opening Reception
Friday, June 29, 2011, 7-10PM
David will be in attendance.

June 29, 2012 – July 29, 2012

Rotofugi Gallery is pleased to present “Sutured and Untamed”, a solo exhibition that will include an impressive collection of 17 collage/mixed media works on hand built wood panel by San Francisco-based artist, David Ball. In this latest series of work, Ball depicts the pursuit of happiness through a visual narrative that reflects on his personal transcendence from a place of emotional darkness to a place of light. The opening reception for Sutured and Untamed will be held at Rotofugi Gallery on June 29, 2012 from 7pm til 10pm and will coincide with Jesse Reno’s exhibit in Rotofugi’s other gallery entitled: “Wolves Tails Crossed Arrows and Canoes”.

“Sometimes I am commenting on reality. Sometimes I am escaping it. The work is kind of a discourse between those things.” – David Ball

David Ball’s practice evolves from a place of continual change, embracing the chaos to achieve a sense of order. His process begins roughly, with quick, abstract and gestural under paintings that gradually evolve into an elaborate and well-defined composition through the artist’s “call-and-response” style of working. Ball’s personal life greatly informs his process and the themes behind his imagery. Throughout his life, he experienced a series of extreme shifts in his psycho-emotional state of being that took him through periods of emotional highs which inevitably turned to lows that resulted in paranoia, aggression and depression. His willingness to transcend the chaos saved his life and was due in part to being open to taking medication and in part due to his personal resolve to trust in the love and kindness of someone close to him.

While Ball’s earlier work was darker, more brooding and discussed themes of conflict without much concern for resolution, the changes he’s made in his personal life have crossed over to his creative life. Ball’s latest work seeks to engage the viewer in a discourse that he hopes conveys joy and inspiration. The work for Sutured and Untamed celebrates color and character through vibrant layers of acrylic paint, colored pencil and collage that unite to form otherworldly scenes of mythical creatures and fantastically surreal landscapes that invite viewers to share in the artist’s wonder and fascination at the human pursuit of happiness.