Blue Flowers at Botany Pond

Blue Flowers at Botany Pond

Good news today! My digital art, probably this Blue Flowers at Botany Pond image, was selected for publication in the 2012 art book “Art Takes Times Square.”

I was very honored today learn that the editorial committee selected my digital art for publication in the forthcoming 2012 art book “Art Takes Times Square.”  The photo, Blue Flowers at Botany Pond, portrays the fence and flowers surrounding Botany Pond at the University of Chicago, Main Quadrangle.  Botany pond was originally built as an outdoor research lab by John Coulter, who was the first chair of the botany department at the university.  To see more of my cityscapes, visit my website at:

The book will present selected art from the Art Takes Times Square event held on June 18, co-produced by the artists support groups, Chashima and Artists Wanted.  Art was chosen from over 35,000 entries to display on the billboards of Times Square.  To learn more about this event check out the following links.


Hull Court Gate, Digital Art By Leon Sarantos Displayed At Art Takes Times Square

Hull Court Gate, At Art Takes Times Square

My digital art, Hull Court Gate, was one of the artworks selected for display on Times Square this past Monday!  The photo is part of my Digital Gothic series of scenes from the Gothic Revival architecture on the University of Chicago campus.

Art Takes Times Square

This event was hosted by Artists Wanted in New York City. There were about 35,000 artworks submitted for this event from all across the world.  One million people voted on the contest entries.  So I am very grateful to all those who voted to display my art on the billboards at Times Square, and to the event curators who selected Hull Court Gate for display. The event took place Monday June 18, 2012, from 7pm to 11pm.  My art was displayed on a billboard at Broadway and 43rd Street.  A lively crowd of artists and art fans enjoyed watching artworks stream across the billboards.

“An event like this is a celebration of the city, of the artists … of the creative culture that New York City fosters,” said Artists Wanted CEO William Etundi Jr.

More of my cityscapes are at:

My Digital Gothic series for Art Takes Times Square is at:

The International Streaming Festival 6th Edition

This is actually the second international exhibit for my Digital Gothic art.  The Streaming Festival 6th Edition was curated and sponsored by the isfth foundation, The Hague, The Netherlands, in December, 2011.  This online international exhibit included video and sound Artists, and for the first time, also 2D Artists.  I was very pleased that my Digital Gothic series of cityscape photos was selected, and hope you visit the online archives.

2D Art live at International Streaming Festival today – Cityscapes of University of Chicago by Leon Sarantos

For more information about Artists Wanted, see

Leon Sarantos Cityscapes, South Side Impressions Exhibit, Beverly Art Center, Reception this March 18, 1-3PM


 C-Shop, Coffee Shop at University of Chicago

 South Side Impressions Exhibit, Beverly Art Center

My painting, C-Shop, Coffee Shop at University of Chicago, is part of a group exhibit and competition, South Side Impressions at the Beverly Art Center, throughout this March.  Chicago, including the Hyde Park area, is a fascinating subject for Midwest regional artists.  This exhibit showcases the diverse world of the South Side of Chicago.  Artistic impressions reflect the people, place, culture and landmarks.

Reception: Atrium Gallery, Sunday, March 18, 1-3 PM

The Beverly Art Center is at  2407 W. 111th Street (corner of 111th street and Western Avenue), about 20 minutes from the Loop in Chicago’s historic Beverly Hills and Morgan Park neighborhood.  The reception will be at the Atrium Gallery this Sunday, March 18, from 1-3 PM.  Other Exhibiting artists: Gary Eckstein, Emma Grace Galvan, Brigit Goudie, Sierra D. Harris, Takiyah C. Harris, Valencia Hearon, Jack McCollam, Crystal A. McGrath, Fred Moss, Lindsay Sandbothe, Kyle Schneider, Pierre Seaton, Michelle Valenta, Robert P.Workman, and Regina Ziemann.  The exhibit will be on display throughout March.   If you are in town, hope you stop by.

C-Shop, Coffee Shop at University of Chicago

The C-Shop painting is part of a series of cityscapes of the Main Quadrangles on the University of Chicago campus. I’ve lived in Hyde Park for many years now and have enjoyed walking through the campus, picnicking at Botany Pond, and having a hot cup of coffee at the C-Shop on a winter’s day.  I’m also an architect and my paintings are inspired by the beauty of the Gothic Revival architecture in the Main Quadrangle.  The strong, stone buildings symbolize the enduring conservative traditions and stable framework of the university. In contrast, change is symbolized by the life and vibrancy of the ever-changing student population, illustrated with their multiple electronic devices, backpacks, and diversity.  Last year I was honored by receiving first prize at the 2011 South Side Impressions exhibit for my painting, Botany Pond.

Botany Pond


Another current exhibit: As They Like It: Chicago Artists Visualize Shakespeare

Another current exhibit at the Beverly Art Center is well worth the visit, As They Like It: Chicago Artists Visualize Shakespeare, continues until April 1.  This group exhibit includes more than 35 artists using diverse mediums to interpret Shakespeare — his characters, plays, or sonnets.  Exhibiting artists: Rene Arceo, Jose Agustin Andreu, Tim Arroyo, Sharon Bladholm, Keith Brownlee, Mario Castillo, Laura Coyle, Michael Ferris, Chris Flynn, Jonathan Franklin, Anne Farley Gaines, Jan Spivey Gilchrist, Sergio Gomez, Fletcher Hayes, Alan Emerson Hicks, Preston Jackson, Robert Kameczura, Deborah Maris Lader, Kim Laurel, Richard Laurent, Diane Levesque, Carron Little, James Mesple, Geoffrey Novelli, Christina O’Connor, Joyce Owens, Mary Patton, Corinne Peterson, Tom Scarff, Charlotte Segal, Beth Shadur, Steven Sherrell, Eleanor Speiss-Ferris, Michelle Stutts, Frank Tumino, Maureen Warren, Kathy Weaver, Marzena Ziejka, and Jill Zylke.


C-Shop, Coffee Shop at University of Chicago

Botany Pond

Beverly Art Center

More cityscape artworks:

Botany Pond was featured recently at Ink Well online magazine:

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Being Human art show at Union Street Gallery by Richard Benoit

It’s not often that I go to an art show and feel compelled to tell everyone I see to attend. Being Human at Union Street Gallery is one of those shows that you can’t miss. This exhibit excels in every aspect. First it is expertly curated by Dan Addington of Addington gallery in Chicago. His curatorial statement is a pleasure to read and sets the tone perfectly. From piece to piece in this show, I was thoroughly engaged. I just couldn’t wait to get to the next one. From conception to execution each work was a joy and an inspiration.

I’d like to share some thoughts on some of my favorites; by the way, it was hard to narrow down that list. The entire show is on line so if you care to, please follow along

Perhaps my favorite is Fold by Corinna Button. It is a quiet thoughtful view of 3 individuals from behind. The figures are held lovingly together by their arms which embrace each other. There’s an umbrella overhead perhaps to protect from some of life’s unexpected onslaught. This tender touch of mutual support fits so sweetly into the show title…Being Human.

Lisa Carter’s nude rendering has an aprehensive look to it. It seems to show an individual from a vulnerable almost wounded perspective. The drawing of this subject is expert down to the fingernails on the subject’s right hand.

Elliot Purse won a first place showing for his painting. The diagonal design of this one added a sense of movement and the color balance reminded me of Lady Gaga’s meat dress. This work is a wild look at someone torn from the inside out and wrestling for a favorable outcome.

As a parent I could just slap Jessica Segal-Fruedenberg’s painting and ground it for a week. There’s no height or width big enough to hold the attitude of this subject…tween angst.  This character stays with you long after walking away from the painting.

I love the design and color treatment of Clarissa Gerber’s painting. I’m just a sucker for a good expressive painting such as this. The wild impulsive colors and upside down subject make this a lively jazzy romp. It’s a joy to look at.

Another favorite of mine is a photo by Valeri Lanbert. Two subjects stand looking simply back at the viewer. Each has hand prints on the other. Are these subjects a father and daughter? The implication being that their lives affect each other. There’s a subtle air of mystery or tension about this one too…unanswered questions seem to lurk and that’s a sign of a good photograph.

I could go on but suffice to say that this show is top notch and on par with anything I’ve seen at the uptown venues.  The work is well presented with ample room for consideration and thoughtful pacing. For those who want to dig a little deeper the artists statements are in a binder just as you walk in. Union Street has consistently attracted some worthwhile art over the years. This particular show includes work from artists as far away as the UK. It appears as though Union Street’s reputation is growing. If this particular exhibit is a sign of things to come I can’t wait for the next one.

Union Street gallery is located in Chicago Heights on Otto Blvd. Their web-site is Being Human will be up until Nov. 12, 2011

Last week to see my painting, Woman Wading in Barra de Navidad, at Studio 659

Happiness Happens at Studio 659 is a curated group show that continues through this Saturday, September 24. Studio 659 is located 20 minutes outside of Chicago in NW Indiana in the Historic Downtown District of Whiting, Indiana at 1413 119th Street. The theme, of course, is what makes you happy? Artists are exhibiting their expressions of happiness, joy, elation or whatever expresses “feel-good vibes” in their artwork.

There are many engaging artworks on display, so I’m pleased that my paintings are included.  My paintings for the exhibit are Pleased Young Girl  and Woman Wading in Barra de Navidad:


I have often combined my love of travel with painting, but few places are as beautiful and hospitable as Barra de Navidad, a coastal village on the western shore of Mexico where the small local population mingles with tourists and artists.   I fled the Chicago cold and stayed in Barra for a month one winter, where I rented a cottage right on the beach.   Sun-drenched local scenes abound like the fishing ships returning with the morning catch and local women wading in the sea   Other paintings inspired my trip to Barra de Navidad are on my web site.

My Website

Studio 659