14th Annual Emerging Artist Exhibition at Morpho Gallery

Above: “Transitions” is by Chai Wolfman

Opening Reception January 11th, 6PM

Morpho Gallery is featuring a variety of different artists for its annual Emerging Artist Exhibitions. The exhibit showcases many different medias, from ceramics to etchings, paintings to sculpture. It is a show that celebrates artistic diversity and encourages emerging artists to show art.

Each year we select 3-5 artists from each exhibit in a group exhibit during Chicago Artist Month in October 2019.

Morpho Gallery is dedicated to the advancement and exposure of emerging local artists. We offer our space as non-competitive, supportive system, open to all types of artistic media and age groups.

We are in our 14th year of EMA exhibits, giving young local and second career artists exposure. We offer our space as a stepping-stone to procedures in the art world and how to exhibit and present your art in a professional manner.

These exhibits bring artists into an established gallery, most for the first time, giving them experience and making connections, networking with other artists while trying to break into the ever-difficult art world.

These are no commission shows based on a nominal fee only after being accepted into the show. We will be having more exhibitions thru the winter months.

Additionally, we offer leasing packages at affordable prices for artists, musicians and artistic groups who wish to stage their own shows or rehearse. We are active members of the Andersonville, Bowmanville, and Ravenswood communities, and are dedicated to their enrichment via the visual arts.

Join us on opening reception night for some appetizers, drinks and fantastic new artwork. Shows featuring different artists and will be taking place throughout the winter months. See our website for updates and applications. Website: morphogallery.com

About Morpho Gallery:

Morpho Gallery prides itself in seeking talented artists who are on the cusp of being discovered by the mainstream art community. We invite local artists to exhibit their work in a creative and non-competitive atmosphere where artistic experimentation and development are encouraged. By creating a blank palette inside the gallery, we offer infinite possibilities for an array of colors, textures and media to come together.

5216 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625

Morpho Gallery: November Best of Juried Photo Show 2018

November 30th Opening Reception from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Show Open: November 30th – December 29th

Morpho Gallery presents six artists from our 2018 Spring National Juried Photography Show, where juror Angie McMonigal selected: Lauri Novak, Noriko Buckles, Maria Rebelo, Stephan Butzlaff, Suzanne Shumaker and Patrick Carr as the best of the show.

We exhibited 14 artists and over 50 photographs in the National Juried Photography Show.

Lauri Novak: As a young girl, she was fortunate to travel not only the United States but also overseas when she grew older. Being exposed to the diversity in cultures and lifestyles from an early age instilled in her a curiosity and appreciation for the differences she experienced. Photography became a natural outlet for her to capture and express this amazing new world, and as she honed her skills with a camera, she cultivated her photographic vision. Photography soon became many more than simply taking pictures. It became her joy, so much so that, even now, she sees the world in photographs. As a photographer her goal is twofold: 1) to provide people with a truly unique depiction of their most cherished memories, and 2) to inspire other photographers to look at the world through new eyes, and pick up their cameras and play with the world around them through the lens. Elliot Erwitt summed it up best when he said, “To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” This is my experience, philosophy, and aim. And when I teach you to see the interesting in the ordinary, then I have accomplished what I set out to.

Noriko Buckles: is an award-winning photographer who lives outside of Chicago Illinois. Photography has been with her most of her life, starting at an early age when her father gave her a small point and shoot camera.  In High School she was a member of the Yearbook and school newspaper staff.  As a school photographer she worked around the school documenting every event and school life. At times her photographs were featured in local town newspapers. Noriko moved away from photography while going to college, then raising a family but as soon as the chance arose she dove right back into it.  In the meantime the digital age arrived and she put her beloved Konica film camera on a shelf and moved onto Nikon digital cameras. Even though her equipment has changed and the post-processing tool became a computer, her approach to subject matter has not changed.  Noriko likes to first approach the subject as a whole. She takes time to look at it from all different angles even before one shot is taken.  When she sees an angle that has possibilities, then maybe she might take one shot.  Noriko exhibits several times a year, earning Best of Show at “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” a Juried Mixed Media Exhibition and “Let There Be Light” a Juried photo exhibit both at the Bloomingdale Park District Museum.  She has also received several 1st  places including at the Glennie Memorial International Nature Salon (Other Plant Category) in Andover MA, “Between Light & Shadows” a Juried Photography Exhibition at the Bloomindale Park District Museum, The Union League Club of Chicago Photo Competition/Exhibit, and the 13th Annual Juried Photography Exhibit at Morpho Gallery in Chicago, which was Juried by Angie McMonigal to name a few.

Maria Rebelo: was born in Viseu, Portugal, in 1959. She lives and works in Wilmette, a suburb of Chicago. Maria’s projects explore different kinds of photography, both film, digital and some alternative processes. What started as an interest about documenting family and travels, evolved into an interest for fine art photography. Some photographers have a very distinct recognizable style, Maria, on the other hand, developed several bodies of work. Rebelo’s photographic interests lie in the beauty of the overlooked and the magic of light. She looks at our often-ignored surroundings, recording the formal qualities of lines and shapes, shadows and patterns. The delicate nature of these organic forms is enlarged and enhanced through macro photography and the subtle play of light. Maria works as an event photographer at the Chicago Botanic Garden. She is currently working on a project with Pousadas de Portugal and is the photographer for the blog “Salt of Portugal” since 2011. The summer of 2016 she collaborated with “Culinary Backstreets” on a project called Tascas of Lisbon and organized a photographic walk through several neighborhoods of the city of Lisbon for VoiceMap.

Stephan Butzlaff: Stephen Butzlaff, a native of metropolitan Chicago, has had a camera in his hand since school. His early prowess led to a first place in the Scholastic National High School Photographic Award.  Today he exclusively shoots with a Leica M Rangefinder along with a Leica SL. He can be found on streets in urban areas hunting for the spontaneous moment capturing the humor, surprise and drama of everyday life.

Suzanne Shumaker: originally from Ohio, began her career in New York City, after receiving a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Kentucky in 1999. After developing her design skills for 10 years in New York and Chicago. She and her husband, opened their Evanston, IL-based firm, Shumaker Design + Build Associates, in 2009. A self -taught photographer, her photography ranges from documenting her architectural work to the “art of the every day”. In 2017, she began showing her fine art photography, in Chicago and Evanston.

Patrick Carr: is originally from Iowa and studied photography at the University of Northern Iowa.  He has lived in the Chicago area since 1989, currently in Evanston Illinois with his partner, artist Caryl Carlsen. My work focuses on found objects in the urban environment, particularly exploring the aesthetics of decay and destruction. Finding forgotten, lost and discarded items that have obtained a patina of age from exposure to the elements, I explore their properties both in and out of context with their surroundings.

5216 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625

Best of 2018 EMA Exhibitions

Morpho Gallery presents five Artists from our Winter Emerging Artists Exhibits; each Artist was selected from a series of five shows from January- March 2018. We exhibited over 120 artists during this timeframe. Katie Meuser, Phillip Graff, Eric Kraybill, Kerry Lange, and Joan Geary each have their own distinct styles, with each artist complementing each other.

Joan Geary: her paintings begin with veils of solid color applied over one another, each one chosen to enhance or contrast with the previous layer. During the process of stacking these layers of paint, intuitive marks and shapes are also laid down, and at this early stage, I try not to get in the way of the painting. These components are constructed and deconstructed, etched, erased and glazed over. Eventually the color, line and form begin to suggest some sort of imagery that brings forth an internalized vision, as if my subconscious mind is showing me things that had been stored up for later use.  For the most part, these memories are from my own experiences and observations, but they may be enhanced by art I have seen, such as the memory of the edge between dark and light in a Rembrandt painting or a certain patina on a Richard Serra sculpture. These visions present themselves in the work as a distortion of reality or even invention, as in dreams.  In this way, the work often conveys a mystical version of the truth.

Kerry Lange: she is a self-taught artist hailing from Cleveland and a recent transplant to Chicago. Her most common mediums that she creates with are, but not limited to include watercolor, pen/ ink and pencil. Her themes can range from fanciful surreal illustrations to abstract wonders. She has been actively showing for the last 10 years with over 25 showings in galleries, special events and cafes in Cleveland, Baltimore, New York City and Chicago. I am looking forward to new inspirations, getting to know Chicago’s artist communities and new artistic opportunities here in my new city.

Eric Kraybill: is a printmaker raised in Northfield, Illinois who recently earned his Bachelors in Studio Art printmaking at Northeastern Illinois University. Kraybill has entered numerous exhibitions including the Found/Squared: Exhibition at Northeastern Illinois University at Chicago, and the Print Exchange & Exhibition for the Central Michigan University Print club at Mount Pleasant. In addition, he has won the Merit Scholarship from Northeastern Illinois University’s Art Department. He works with hand-on media such as linocut, and silkscreen. His subject matter engages in his own narrative and mythology. In addition, his work focuses on the historical significance of storytelling. Kraybill completed his first solo titled, “Aisling “in 2016 which displays mythical imagery with Gaelic phrases as tribute to Irish literature. Currently Krabill isworking on a new print series titled, “The Canpoy Series” which reflects the artist is struggle with speech and social anxieties.

Katie Meuser: started taking art lessons when she was nine and continued until she was fourteen. She started out drawing wildlife and eventually took up watercolor and continued to practice wildlife with an abstract twist by eliminating details. She is fascinated in abstract art and how one can take away from the realistic element of an object and replace it with colors and movement, manipulating the viewer’s perception and allowing them to create their own concept of the object. She received her bachelors in Fine Arts and Humanity at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. It was there that she came up with her own style of painting by mixing water with acrylic and experimenting with different ratios of water to paint. Shortly after she graduated she moved to South Korea to continue her art through live paintings and various shows in art and music venues. She was becoming less restrictive with the water enabling it to do its own “thing” and adding a natural element to her pieces. In 2015 she moved to Chicago and started showing in coffee shops and eventually galleries, showcasing the continuous changes her style has evolved from as well as my free-flowing technique she has honed throughout the years.

Phillip Graff: paints to create something out of nothing. It’s been a progression of passion through the years but nonetheless has stuck with me. Seeing my perspective, my ideas, and my style, take form on what used to be a blank slate, makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. He’s not graveling for the monetary benefits of being a painter. He’s seeking a creative outlet, fulfillment, and stimulation. His style reflects a degenerate youth in a modern world with a dark ambiance to each piece.

5216 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625

The “Rejuvenate Series”

Morpho Gallery is pleased to present a pop-up exhibit featuring a diverse collection of artists. The “Rejuvenate Series” will run for just one day, October 20th with an opening reception from 6-11pm.

The “Rejuvenate Series” will feature: Adrian Amesquita, Ivonne Cruz, Giselle Mira Diaz, David Foster, Staci Jo Sterenberg, Ozzie Stern, Lindsey Summers, and Jerome Thymes.

The exhibit will feature a variety of different mediums: photography, mosaic, charcoal, stone lithograph, and acrylic.

All artists in the exhibit currently live in Chicago, many inspired by the city while others explore themes of gender, rejection & inclusion, self-identity, culture, and alienation.

The artists will be present at the opening reception on Saturday, October 20th from 6-11pm.

Please contact Ivonne Cruz;
773.512.6167 for additional information.

5216 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625

Morpho Gallery Presents Billowing Life

Exhibit Runs: October 5th – 15th
Opening Artist Reception: October 6th 6pm –10pm

Featuring Pablo Perea

“Billowing Life” is the first “Still Life” collection of Pablo Perea. The pieces are painted in the technique of oil pastels on paper and also acrylic on canvas.

The objects that were part of our lives were once the notion of “Beauty and Harmony”, they were witnesses to our happiness and it’s the departure. We do not realize that those images that we perceived as “Still Life” were accompanying us and living!

About the Artist

Pablo Perea is a Cuban artist that has been painting for over 25 years, with an extensive body of work and is well known for his portraits of female images that began in 1995 through 2014. Pablo Perea moved to New Mexico in 2010 and his work has changed approaching the topic of nature with a touch of surrealism between the elements that are part of the stories.

Pablo Perea was born in 1970 in the city of Guines, Havana, graduated in 1995 from medical school and gave up his medical career to become a full-time artist. In 2001 he immigrated to the United States and settled in Chicago where he became an essential part of Havana Gallery for the next 10 years and helped promote the work of more than 100 artists from Cuba.

5216 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625