Wesley Willis: City of Many Dreams

Event Details: Exhibition Dates: 09.13.19 – 11.17.19
Opening Reception: Friday, September 13, 2019 | 6-9pm

Matthew Rachman Gallery presents City of Many Dreams, a comprehensive exhibition of Wesley Lawrence Willis drawings created from 1981 to 1991, including the earliest known Willis drawing. Wesley Willis (1963-2003) was a self-trained artist and native Chicagoan, growing up on Chicago’s Southside. Willis honed his technical abilities in the Chicago Public Schools, where he received an ‘A’ in his drafting class and aspired to become an architect.

The drawings and ephemera in this exhibition are from the collection of architect Paul Young. Young met Willis by chance encounter on the streets of Chinatown. Young took him under his wing, introducing him to the Architecture Department of Crown Hall, IIT where he spent many hours both observing and drawing on his own studio table, as well as selling his work to faculty and students.

Willis could often be found sharing his drawings on the streets of Chicago and engaging those passing by, his personality and sensitive heart earning him a dedicated following. Willis’s graphic vision captures the urban life spirit of the late 20th century. As an intuitive artist he has made a bold, genuine, and unique contribution to the visual arts. His work is represented in significant museum collections both in Europe and America.

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Linear Motion

Matthew Rachman Gallery presents Linear Motion, Maura Segal’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. Segal’s paintings will be paired with carefully curated modern furniture. The exhibition opens Friday, July 26th with a reception from 6 – 9pm and will continue through September 8th.

Linear Motion features new works by Maura Segal in which she explores a more minimalist aesthetic. Simplifying her palette allows Segal to further refine the intricate lines and layers that comprise her paintings. Segal uses collaged fields of various papers, both new and vintage, to create subtle variations in the background plane. Building upon this transformed canvas, she uses a combination of acrylic paints and masking materials to create composite shapes and negative spaces that draw on organic forms of motion and structure. The process creates a sense of balance, movement, and vibrancy in her work.

Maura Segal’s work is a meditation on her personal quest for order and equilibrium in everyday life. Her meticulous approach to each line, shape, and stroke creates organized chaos and infinite motion in each piece.

Address: 1659 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
Email: info@matthewrachman.com
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Website: matthewrachmangallery.squarespace.com/linear-motion

Linc Thelenː Traverse

Please join Matthew Rachman Gallery for the opening of “Traverse”, an exhibit of new works by artist Linc Thelen, with areception Friday, May 15th 20155:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Meet the artist and hear first hand about the process, inspiration and evolution of “Traverse”. The exhibition closes Friday July 10th, 2015

Linc Thelen’s new series “Traverse” is a study of lines and their intersections. By incorporating the fundamental use of light, texture and color he creates spontaneous emotion, which reflects the fluidity of life. The work represents real life metaphors relating to human relationships and the evolution of time.

About Linc Thelen: Painting for over two decades, Linc Thelen’s style fuses classical training with a modern perspective. Thelen’s works consist of abstract paintings described as dream-like and esoteric layered with calming emotion – an attempt to deconstruct the form. Thelen received his BFA in painting from Northern Illinois University. Please visit www.lincthelenart.com for more information.

About Matthew Rachman Gallery: Matthew Rachman Gallery features a carefully curated collection of Mid-Century Modern furniture and contemporary art. Exhibitions are held regularly and their collection of rare vintage finds and curiosities changes constantly. The gallery is also available for event rental for philanthropic and private functions. For more information please visit www.matthewrachman.com.