STAR JAM: Meet The Artist, Jason Brammer

WHERE:  Star Lounge Coffee Bar at 2521 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 (map)
WHEN:  Saturday, August 29th from 5pm to 8pm

This Saturday, August 29th from 5-8pm, please join us at the Star Lounge Coffee Bar, for this very special meet-the-artist and hear-him-perform-live-music event.

Reasons to attend:
— See recent original paintings by Jason Brammer of cephalopods, alien deities, disembodied eyeballs, and more.
— Jason Brammer will be performing live music sets with drums (congas, djembe, and bongos, to name a few) and bass loops, accompanied by special guest Mike Sportiello.
— Jason’s “Resin Print Series” (prints mounted on wood with a shiny resin topcoat) will be available for purchase **, as well as other Jason Brammer merch, including coasters, magnets, and buttons.
— Weather-permitting, we will be set up outdoors on the awesome, art-covered Star Lounge back patio, where you can see murals by JC Rivera, Emmy Star Brown, and Slang.
— You can enjoy delicious coffee and espresso drinks by Dark Matter Coffee.
— Admission is FREE

** Resin Print supplies are limited. See the 11 available images here:

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Perceptions of the Parallaxis

Perceptions Of The Parallaxis

Works by Jason Brammer, Jason Hawk, and Keelan McMorrow

Special Exhibit    Jackson Junge Gallery 

November 2nd, 2012– January 6th, 2013

Opening Reception:  Friday, November 2nd, 2012, 6pm-9pm

“Perceptions Of The Parallaxis”, a new exhibit at Jackson Junge Gallery, 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave in Chicago, unites the distinctive styles of artwork from three local artists, Jason Hawk (sculpture), Keelan McMorrow (painting), and Jason Brammer (painted assemblages).  These Chicago based artists’ work is characterized by their unique methods of tampering with reality to communicate perceptions of their worlds.  The artists adopt the conceptual idea of parallax (wherein an object appears differently depending on the direction or position from which it is viewed) by incorporating their different perspectives into one exhibit.  From their individual vantage points, they each present a body of work that finds unity in their dedication to technique, craft and innovation.

Brammer, Hawk and McMorrow were initially drawn together through their mutual respect for each other’s artwork.  They began to find inspiration in one another’s innovation and work ethic prompting each to continually re-invent their ideas and craft.

Jason Brammer is a visual artist, painter, and muralist. He is known for his mixed media hand-painted assemblages, distinctive airbrushed paintings, meticulously-detailed drawings, and site-specific installations. In his mixed media work, Jason creates a unique melding of painted imagery with 3-dimensional elements, such as real antique parts, reclaimed wood, and other salvaged items he happens upon in the alleys by his studio. The objects are seamlessly integrated, creating an illusion that draws the viewer in for a closer look to see what is real and what is painted.

Sculptor Jason Hawk incorporates wit and layers of hidden meaning in his works.  One finds sculpture within sculpture, fabrication within a would-be natural landscape, and narrative vs. commentary in his clever constructions.  Hawk’s perspective is one that steps away from the overly conceptual.  A story is visually presented, whether it is interpreted as that of the artist or one that the viewer finds him/herself.

McMorrow finds his voice in painting.  His traditional painting techniques meld with contemporary notions of expressionism to create a style that borders on abstract, but centers on realism. This transports the viewer between classic and contemporary realms of art. There is something raw that translates into his imagery, almost as though one were seeing a visceral representation of a thought or dream.  Whereas some elements stand out as solid and recognizable, these dissolve into a cloudy abstraction that seems to emulate the ways our memories or thoughts are never wholly pristine.

These three friends display their artwork together with a common objective that different perspectives can mould and change from their individual positions.  Their technique becomes the parallaxis of art.

The exhibit runs from November 2nd, 2012 thru January 6th, 2013.  An opening reception with the artists is scheduled for the evening of Friday, November 2nd from 6-9pm.  Reception and exhibit are free to the public.

Exhibit Highlights:

“Lunar Fragmentation”, Jason Brammer (Acrylic, paint chips, antique hardware, salvaged wood, recycled leather, velvet, chain, and masonite, 18” x 9 ½” x 3 ½”) – This painting within a sculpture embodies strength, innovation, protection, and even decomposition, yet an image of serenity emerges from the fragmented center reminding the viewer that beauty lies within.  One’s attention is drawn to the seascape reflecting the moon, but the very moon is made of industrial material, which then awakens the senses to the binding leather, the hanging lock and chain and the rusting antiquity of the sculpture surrounding it.

“Ascension II”, Jason Hawk (powder-coated steel, copper-coated steel, chrome-plated steel, patinated steel and leather, 29” x 18” x 21”) – In this story-telling sculpture of an automaton figure there are elements of irony and contrast between the natural, emotional and industrial world.  Gentleness and desire is described in the gesture made by the figure constructed of hard and angular steel.  This robotic character inspires sympathy from the viewer as he holds out a hand to the butterflies surrounding him in his artificially winged garb.

“Horses”, Keelan McMorrow (acrylic on panel with installed lights, 48” x 30”) – This diptych of two horses bounding through an abstract field exudes the feeling of strength and energy.  It impresses on the viewer the authenticity of the raw desire to create, such as was first seen in cave dwellings. It simultaneously recalls the classic technique of painting and incorporates the contemporary element of physical illumination from within.

The Jackson Junge Gallery features the work of Laura Lee Junge and other contemporary artists.  The Gallery is open every day of the week, free of charge. Hours are Monday thru Saturday: 11am – 8pm, Sunday: 12 Noon – 5pm.  For more information, visit

EXPLORING AXIS MUNDI: Artist Talk with Jason Brammer at Firecat Projects

Above: ‘Axis Mundi: The Still Point At The Center Of The Turning Universe’ acrylic, plaster, wood, antique hardware, and masonite (51″ x 51″)


Hear Chicago artist Jason Brammer talk about the inspiration and creative process behind his new series of paintings and drawings on exhibit at Firecat Projects. This event is free and open to the public.


Artist Talk on Saturday, March 10, 2012 from 2pm-4pm
(Artist talk will begin at 2:15pm. After the talk, there will be time for questions and hanging out until 4pm.)


Firecat Projects
2124 N. Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647
Located in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood

More info about the exhibition:

More info about Firecat Projects:

[Exhibition runs through March 24th. Gallery hours are Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm, or by appointment.]

Exploring Axis Mundi: The Still Point At The Center Of The Turning Universe

Axis Mundi

“Exploring Axis Mundi: The Still Point At The Center Of The Turning Universe”
New Paintings and Drawings by Jason Brammer

Details of Event: “Exploring Axis Mundi: The Still Point At The Center Of The Turning Universe”, a solo exhibition by Chicago artist Jason Brammer, opens at Firecat Projects on Friday, February 24th from 7-10pm. The exhibit will debut a new series of mixed media paintings and graphite drawings inspired by symbology, alchemy, and spiritual iconography. At the core of the show is the concept of Axis Mundi (meaning, “axis of the world”), which has been thought of as a portal between the earthly and heavenly realms in various religious and mythological traditions. Reflecting on these themes, Brammer has blended geometric shapes and patterns, flowing organic tendrils, esoteric symbols, and all-seeing eyes into compelling visual tapestries with paint and pencil. In addition to the opening reception, Brammer will be at the gallery on Saturday, March 10th at 2pm to chat about his art and creative process.  See Jason Brammer’s artwork at

Opening Reception: Friday, February 24, 2012 from 7pm to 10pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 2pm
Exhibition: Through Saturday, March 24, 2012
Regular Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am to 4pm; or by appointment

Firecat Projects
2124 N. Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647
Located on Damen between Charleston St and Shakespeare Ave, in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood
Phone: 773-342-5381

Contacts:  773-267-0155 or (Erin Brammer, Artist Manager)  |  773-342-5381 or (Stan Klein, Gallery Director)

Admission Price: FREE (Opening reception, artist talk, and exhibition are all free of charge).