Ekphrasis – Poetry of Seeing

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Ekphrasis – Poetry of Seeing

DreamBox Gallery invites you for a CONVERSATION about ART and POETRY with LIDIA ROZMUS.

Saturday, January 27th, from 4pm-6pm

The impact of Japanese aesthetics on the work and life of Georgia O’Keeffe and her art as an inspiration for haiku poets.

While Georgia O’Keeffe is not known to have composed haiku, she certainly knew of them. Japanese aesthetics infused her work from the beginning, and the evidence can be found not only in her paintings but also in her studio and living spaces.

Lidia Rozmus presents a series of O’Keeffe paintings, each paired with a haiku poem inspired by O’Keeffe’s visible connection to nature through her colors, forms and rhythms.

Lidia Rozmus is an art editor of Modern Haiku and Mayfly, and art director at Deep North Press. She works as a graphic designer, paints sumi-e and oils, and writes haiku. Her paintings have been exhibited and her haiku published in the U.S., Japan, Australia, and Poland.

Ekphrasis – Poetry of Seeing is the theme chosen by a group of artists and poets who meet on the last Saturday of each month (from 4pm-6pm) for CONVERSATION with EACH OTHER about ART and POETRY. Everyone attending is welcome to bring their own art and ideas to expand the conversation. Suggested donation: $5.00.

Any questions? Please email: Iwona Biedermann | dreamboxgallery@gmail.com

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DreamBox Gallery presents WOW Frequency SPECIAL GUEST: ALA JARON

Chicagoan’s may know Ala Jaron’s unique organically inspired jewelry from area boutiques and the store at the Art Institute and Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Formerly based here, Ala’s studio is now located near Warsaw, Poland. We are so happy to have her work available to you for one day only.

A L A  J A R O N  J E W E L R Y  D E S I G N S
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10th from 12pm – 4pm

Growing up just outside of Warsaw, Poland, Ala Jaron had a fascination with all things textural – beach stones from the banks of the river, the symmetry of snowflakes, the textiles and fabrics discarded from her father’s tailoring shop. In school, she was drawn to history books, with their illustrations of primitive ancient tools and artifacts, and photographs of elaborate jewelry worn by kings and queens. Nature was of particular interest – vibrant leaves in the autumn and wildflowers that seemed magical, each one possessing a one-of-a-kind beauty that today is captured in her necklaces, pins and earrings.

“As long as I can remember, I have expressed myself through art. I always had to create something, whether it was oil painting, ceramics, sculpture, fused glass or simple wreaths made out of loose branches I would collect at Christmas time. When I was introduced to jewelry design, it came very natural to me.”

Ala brings a unique view to her work in its organic forms and textures. She creates using the techniques of fabrication, surface texture and soldering of metals. Each piece is hand fabricated from the raw metal and then set with semi-precious stones and pearls. As a last touch, Ala adds patina to give her work a rich, aged appearance.


Ala Jaron is a self-taught artist who has been designing jewelry since 1993. She lives and works out of her home in Poland, but she is a frequent visitor to Chicago, which she made her home for over 30 years.Ala Jaron Designs can be now found in prestigious galleries, museum stores and boutiques all across the United States.


Website: www.dreamboxgallery.com

DreamBox Gallery and Cup & Spoon present WOW Frequency: Limited Editions

DreamBox Gallery and Cup & Spoon present WOW Frequency: Limited Editions ART SALE.


S M A L L  A R T W O R K  AT  A F F O R D A B L E  P R I C E S

making the world a better place, one piece of artwork at a time

With a shared mission of supporting creativity and community, DreamBox Gallery and Cup & Spoon invite you to enjoy an afternoon of art and coffee.

Join us for rewarding experience of unique holiday gift shopping with a chance to recognize the value of artists in our community!

WOW ( West Of Western) Frequency: A R T  I N  A  D I A L O G U E  W IT H  C O M M U N IT Y



Presenting photography by Iwona Biedermann, Monica Kass Rogers, and Lindsay Williams; prints by Lidia Rozmus and Irena Siwek; screen-prints by Sonnenzimmer; small sculptures/paintings by Tom Robinson; paintings by Makeba Kedem-DuBose, Chava Mancera, and Agnieszka Podczaszy; illustrations by Joshua Gaunt; a collection of porcelain spoons, masks and figurines by Jola Nawrocka and jewelry by Claudia Cleveland. Holiday tunes by DJ Lech – Saturday, 12/9 from 4-6pm.

Cup & Spoon is open seven days a week and offers a great selection of exceptional quality coffees roasted by Littlefoot. In the back of the café you will find DreamBox Gallery, an alternative space showcasing artists in the neighborhood since 2003.

We are also working collectively with many business along North Avenue in WOW (West Of Western) District. Come visit and shop with us this Holiday Season!




Ekphrasis – Poetry of Seeing

Launching: Saturday, September 30th, from 4pm-6pm

DreamBox Gallery invites you to join a group of artists and poets who meet on the last Saturday of each month (from 4pm-6pm) for CONVERSATION with EACH OTHER about ART and POETRY.

Poems inspired by paintings, photographs, or sculptures will be a part of ongoing Saturday afternoon meetings with poet and art historian – Aleksander Najda.

At the foundation of Ekphrasis lies the belief that unique works of art should be approached with uncommon tools of equally expressive power. Many writers have drawn on this power of seeing and we’ll explore as many as possible: Miłosz, St. John Perse, Seferis, Charles Wright, Strand, Bachmann, O’Hara, Zbigniew Herbert, Homer, Katullus, Pindar, Rilke, Auden, Zagajewski, Cavafy, Walcott, and many more… including our own inspirations, whether in poetry or art.

Aleksander Najda is a poet and art historian. He earned his doctoral degree by writing a breakthrough dissertation Apocalypse according to Wasyl Kandinsky. His poetry is almost exclusively focused on ekphrasis providing a unique insight into the inner world of visual arts and music.

To register: Please send an email to Iwona Biedermann – dreamboxgallery@gmail.com

Suggested donation: $5.00

DreamBox Gallery/STUDIO


PROXIMITY – Nearness in Space and Time

DreamBox Gallery // Cup & Spoon present Chicago Artist Month 2015:

PROXIMITY – Nearness in Space and Time

October 16 – November 15, 2015

Opening reception with artists present:
 Friday, October 16, 6-9pm

The exhibition, PROXIMITY – Nearness in Space and Time, is a visual narrative of FIVE POLISH WOMEN ARTISTS who refuse to be defined exclusively by language as their cultural identity, and who assert themselves into being and belonging by creating from within the multicultural experience.  Their identity is never static but is always in the making,stimulating the creative exploration. Language and cultural memories can be adopted and translated into images that transcend spoken language.  The presence of the past always alters reality, but our perception of reality leaves a lot to the imagination. Whatbridges memory of the past with the present is the willingness of artists to confront boundaries and transform them within their work.

Art opens new possibilities of understanding the differences and similarities between cultures and people. It keeps us engaged by participating in the dialogue with community where we live and work. Our experiences may be different, but within the creative proximity we continue to marvel in the mystery and simply find what is human in all of us.

Like a new memory, a new sense of place is created, and the exhibition offers diversity of visual styles:

The poetic and blurry content of Iwona Biedermann’s photographs penetrate the landscape and views of the Bloomingdale Trail with passage of time, of long exposures, of a pinhole camera.

Katarzyna Derda enriches the dark shadows of the lith print with a playful melancholy. Her images resonate with moments of solitary emotions.  By placing dolls in urban settings to tell the story, she creates photographs that are imaginative, illusive and unconventional.

It is the layered horizon that divides the canvas in Jola Nawrocka’s paintings and though the proximity is seemingly absent in her work – the journey through the layers connects the viewer closer to its own horizon.

Lidia Rozmus uses an ancient technique of sumi-e (ink and brush) to create abstract paintings. Her work relies on simplicity of thought, action, and form to create works of understated beauty.

Drawings by Irena Siwek transform the ordinary to elevate the simplicity. The creative authenticity of her work is intriguing, engaging, whimsical and introspective.

For further information, contact DreamBox Gallery at 773-292-0419 or visit the gallery website at www.dreamboxgallery.com

DreamBox Gallery is a Chicago gallery, which engages in a creative range of art and cultural exchange that celebrates the diversity of emerging and established artists.  Transforming the traditional gallery space, DreamBox opens its door as an alternative for showcasing artists. Its mission is to create, inspire and be inspired by cultural link between artists and their creative currency: Word | Image | Idea