The Sketchbook Habit

THE SKETCHBOOK HABIT: Open your mind, expand your creative practice and enrich your life with just one page a day!

This workshop, facilitated by visual storyteller and multidisciplinarian artist, Anne Leuck will help you develop sketchbook journaling as an inspiring, prolific daily practice of writing and drawing. A welcome respite to clear the clutter from your mind, silence your inner critic, overcome blocks and work out creative issues. As artists we don’t take enough time for creative play, and we often beat ourselves up for not having enough ‘finished work’ or time to create…this solves that issue while also creating a place to get present in a meditative way, vent the angst that builds up, record the wondrous mundane, silly and spectacular events of your life.

Hofheimer Gallery
4823 North Damen Avenue
May 5th, 2019 · Noon-3PM
$135 Includes all Materials + RHODIA SKETCHBOOK
The 20% discount code: EARLYBIRD20 · Ends April 21


Anne Leuck is a visual storyteller, creating imagery inspired by her own life journey. She utilizes traditional painting, as well as digital media, journaling and ceramics. Her private and commercial commissions include murals and public art. Anne has maintained a daily sketchbook practice since 2001 and began teaching it’s benefits in 2015. It has been a transformative gift in her life, informing her other creative work while also documenting her ideas, emotions and everyday experiences. Anne has licensed her designs for stationery and home décor products, her artwork has appeared on billboards, in movies, books, TV, and magazines. Having exhibited nationally at art fairs around the country for many years, her works also hang in private collections, globally.

Jennifer Cronin at Elephant Room Gallery

Artist Jennifer Cronin’s “Seen and Unseen” Reveals our Disappearing Landscapes Through Her Most Recent Work

Elephant Room Gallery is excited to be exhibiting artist Jennifer Cronin in a solo exhibition entitled “Seen and Unseen”. Cronin’s latest body of work includes paintings and screen prints created over the past 3 years based on her experience in Newtok, Alaska during a visit there in June of 2016.

Newtok is a small, remote Alaska Native village, which is currently threatened by the effects of climate change. Due to drastic erosion caused by a combination of thawing permafrost, low levels of sea ice, and strong storms, the land of Newtok is on the brink of environmental disaster. “Seen and Unseen” depicts a place that is in a state of environmental flux, quickly disappearing from existence. Meticulously painted landscapes unravel as they disappear into a wispy haze of white paint. Screen prints, which, at first glance, appear to be nothing more than blank pages, gently beckon the viewer as they slowly reveal the subtle details of a landscape at the edge of existence. All of this work points to the serene beauty of Newtok, while simultaneously bringing to light its extreme vulnerability.

“When considering how best to represent the crisis of Newtok, I keep coming back to a feeling that I had while I was there, which has lingered in my consciousness since. As I stood watching the land as though it was a slowly dying creature, crumbling away into the river before my eyes, I was overwhelmed by a sickening sense of irony. Newtok, so beautifully disconnected and remote, has one tragic tie with the rest of the world, which will eventually cause its demise. Seen and Unseen is my response to the simultaneous beauty and tragedy of this disappearing place.” – Cronin

“Seen and Unseen” will be on exhibition at Elephant Room Gallery June 1st through July 20th. The opening reception will be on Saturday, June 1st from 6pm to 9pm, with sounds for the first hour courtesy of Dusty Patches, the electronic music project of Chicago musician Patrick Mitchell. There will be an artist talk on Saturday, June 15th at 2pm. The gallery is located at 704 S Wabash Ave. in the South Loop Neighborhood of Chicago. Additional information on events and viewing appointments can be found on the gallery’s website:

About Jennifer Cronin

Sometimes starkly real, and other times other-worldly, Jennifer Cronin’s style of captivating realism pulls the viewer into the world of her artwork. From exploring inner psychology to highlighting income inequality, Cronin is constantly exploring what it means to be a human living in this time. Cronin has exhibited widely in Chicago, as well as nationally and internationally. While working on her latest series, “Seen and Unseen,” Cronin was awarded a grant from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation and a fellowship from Vermont Studio Center. Cronin studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, earning her BFA in painting in 2009. She lives and works in Chicago, and is represented by Elephant Room Gallery.

Chalk Howard Street

Street Art Festival in Rogers Park
When: Saturday, July 20, 2019
Where: On Howard Street between Paulina and Ashland, directly east of the Howard Red Line CTA stop in Chicago

Free and open to the public

Chalk Howard Street features internationally-renowned 3D street artists and local 2D chalk artists, as well as amateur artists and kids’ art. The family-friendly festival on Chicago’s northern-most edge will promote the street’s shops, restaurants and global cuisine. From Paulina to Ashland and north on Marshfield, Chalk Howard Street offers live music, great food and drink and – above all – many opportunities to experience art.

Call for Professional Street Artists

We are seeking professional artists to create 8′ x 8′ pieces of temporary artwork using chalk and street paint on the pavement of Howard Street for Chalk Howard Street on Saturday, July 20, 2019.

The online application is available here. Please apply by Tuesday, April 30.