Wesley Willis: City of Many Dreams

Event Details: Exhibition Dates: 09.13.19 – 11.17.19
Opening Reception: Friday, September 13, 2019 | 6-9pm

Matthew Rachman Gallery presents City of Many Dreams, a comprehensive exhibition of Wesley Lawrence Willis drawings created from 1981 to 1991, including the earliest known Willis drawing. Wesley Willis (1963-2003) was a self-trained artist and native Chicagoan, growing up on Chicago’s Southside. Willis honed his technical abilities in the Chicago Public Schools, where he received an ‘A’ in his drafting class and aspired to become an architect.

The drawings and ephemera in this exhibition are from the collection of architect Paul Young. Young met Willis by chance encounter on the streets of Chinatown. Young took him under his wing, introducing him to the Architecture Department of Crown Hall, IIT where he spent many hours both observing and drawing on his own studio table, as well as selling his work to faculty and students.

Willis could often be found sharing his drawings on the streets of Chicago and engaging those passing by, his personality and sensitive heart earning him a dedicated following. Willis’s graphic vision captures the urban life spirit of the late 20th century. As an intuitive artist he has made a bold, genuine, and unique contribution to the visual arts. His work is represented in significant museum collections both in Europe and America.

Matthew Rachman Gallery
Address: 1659 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, USA
Phone: 773-245-3182

Unfiltered Infinite Photos by Edwige Massart

Unfiltered Infinite
Photos by Edwige Massart
Opening reception: Friday, September 6, 2019, 6 – 8 PM
Exhibition: Sept 6 – Oct 15
Everybody’s Coffee, 935 W. Wilson, Chicago, IL

So much gets overlooked in the bigger picture. For those who take their time, slow down to observe, a hidden world is revealed. In a single drop of water are rainbow colors. The pistil-center of a flower, like eyes wide open, stares back at the viewer. Edwige Massart points her camera at the ordinary, the mundane amplifying the smallest detail with her unfiltered lens, giving it new context, its own space. Everybody’s Coffee/EC Gallery at 935 W. Wilson, Chicago, welcomes Edwige Massert back for a photo exhibition: Unfiltered Infinite, opening Friday, September 6, 2019, 6 – 8 PM.

In 2015 Edwige Massart and Xavier Wynn brought us the “Day of the Heads”, 3-D anatomically correct sculptural slices of the brain filled with trinkets and doodads such as coffee beans, the tips of colored pencils, pieces of broken pottery, Christmas lights. She is used to working with minutia, finding in the infinite a detail to explore with her camera. Natural beauty is what interests her, unfiltered and untainted by special affect.

“There is always more. If I keep looking, delve deeper, I imagine what is beyond or behind—almost like a fourth dimension.” Edwige sees with her photos a kind of deconstruction, a way of breaking down an object into its smallest fraction to discover a whole other world. The idea of a study is to revisit again and again a process or subject in order to find within it a moment, a point of connection. Trained professionally as a Decorative Painter, Edwige currently is an Art Facilitator for the developmentally disabled at Austin Special Chicago. This is her first photo exhibit.

Everybody’s Coffee is located at 935 W. Wilson, Chicago. Join us for Unfiltered Infinite, September 6 – October 15, with an opening reception Friday, September 6, 6 – 8 PM.


Evanston artist Amy O. Woodbury will host her 19th ANNUAL FRONT YARD ART SALE, Saturday and Sunday, August 31st and September 1st, 9 am to 5 pm. Rain date September 2nd. 1931 Colfax Street, Evanston, Illinois, 60201. An anticipated Evanston event, 60+ paintings, drawings and mixed media pieces will be on sale: abstracts, horizons, fantasy figures, portraiture, large-scale “murals”. Prices start at $50.

Look for the white-washed galleries on the parkway and an assortment of colorful canvases suspended from the trees. Free admission. Free street parking. Kid friendly. To contact Amy:


Alex Face, MUEBON Make U.S. Debut with Vertical Gallery’s ‘Mythical Creatures’

Vertical Gallery, Chicago’s premier urban-contemporary art gallery, is very proud to present “Mythical Creatures,” the first-ever U.S. showing of Alex Face and MUEBON, two of Asia’s most acclaimed and incisive street artists.

“Mythical Creatures,” which runs from August 10-31, 2019, spotlights all-new works from Alex Face and MUEBON, both featured within the famed Souled Out Studios collective of artists. Alex Face and MUEBON will attend the “Mythical Creatures” opening reception, taking place at Vertical’s 1016 N. Western Ave. location from 6:00-9:00 pm on Saturday, Aug. 10.

“Alex Face and MUEBON are going to introduce people to a different style of street art than they’ve seen before,” said Patrick Hull, Vertical Gallery owner and founder. “These are two of the biggest Asian street artists — both are character-based, and there’s deep meaning in the messages they’re getting across, so pairing them is a natural fit. We’re thrilled to host their U.S. debut exhibition.”

Thailand native Alex Face (born Patcharapol Tangruen) is best known for his signature character Mardi, a three-eyed child often presented in a fuzzy rabbit costume. Inspired by the artist’s own young daughter, Mardi is by turns world-weary and wry, challenging viewers to consider the legacy that our children will inherit as well as what the future holds for successive generations. Long a fixture across the Bangkok cityscape and the Thai countryside, Mardi now adorns walls in locations including Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Jakarta, Oslo, Amsterdam and Paris — and soon, Chicago.

Alex Face discovered American graffiti art while studying fine arts at Bangkok’s King Mongktut University Institute of Technology, soon acquiring two cans of spray paint — one red, the other white — which he put to creative use on his own car. At first he painted his name, then moved on to depicting his face, a flourish that inspired the Alex Face moniker. His work has since gained recognition across the globe: in 2018, he occupied the Bank of Thailand Learning Center during the first Bangkok Art Biennale, and the following year, he exhibited in the Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy. Alex Face has also collaborated with high-profile brands like COACH and Mercedes Benz.

Bangkok-based MUEBON (real name: classified) is renowned for biting social commentary on subjects spanning from wealth disparity to environmental activism to the pervasive influence of contemporary media — messages he delivers via his rotating cast of colorful characters, including a flightless cartoon bird named PUKRUK and Mr. TV, possessor of a television screen face. MUEBON is perhaps most synonymous with his Mickey Mouse-inspired skull stickers and wheatpastes, memento mori urging viewers to expel their feelings of anger, frustration and hopelessness in favor of embracing acceptance and finding inner peace.

A product of the first generation of Thai street artists, MUEBON has played a pivotal role in propelling the craft to notoriety and respect across his homeland — and beyond. Raised in the slums of Thonburi, MUEBON (an alias translating to “fidgety hands”) grew up obsessed with Japanese manga. He began his graffiti art career as a teen, often painting under the cover of darkness to avoid the local police, and defied the odds to earn a fine arts degree, in 2005 graduating with honors from the Rajamangala Institute of Technology. While street art remains MUEBON’s passion, he also has exhibited paintings and sculptures in galleries across Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan and Moscow, and in 2018 he partnered with luxury label Hermès.

‘’For over 10 years I’ve seen both MUEBON and Alex Face paint tirelessly on the streets, day in and day out, with incredibly recognizable styles,” said Chris Bowden, co-founder of Souled Out Studios. “Both artists don’t just have borderless skill with a spray can, but also with oils, watercolor, sculpture and print, making their translation into the gallery seamless.”

Alex Face and MUEBON
Mythical Creatures
August 10-31, 2019
Opening reception with artists, Saturday, August 10th, 6:00-9:00pm
Vertical Gallery, 1016 N. Western Ave., Chicago