6-Year Anniversary Group Show at Vertical Gallery

April 6 – 27, 2019
Opening reception, Saturday, April 6th, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Vertical Gallery, 1016 N Western Ave., Chicago

Vertical Gallery, Chicago’s premier urban-contemporary art gallery, is thrilled to present a special exhibition celebrating their 6-year anniversary. The show will feature over 40 artists – local, national & international – from 14 different countries with artistic styles that have shaped the gallery’s programming over the years. The exhibition runs April 6 – 27, with an opening reception on Saturday, April 6th, 6:00-9:00pm.

Artists include:

Alex Senna (BR)
Amose (FR)
Andreas Englund (SE)
Andrew Watch (CA)
Anthony Lister (AU)
Beejoir (TH)
Ben Eine (UK)
Ben Frost (AU)
Ben Slow (UK)
Brad Novak (NZ)
Brandon Boyd (US)
Candice Tripp (UK)
Chad Hasegawa (US)
Christopher Cosnowski (US)
Chris Cunningham (UK)
Collin van der Sluijs (NL)
Deih (ES)
Dot Dot Dot (NO)
Fourhundred ML (CA)
Grant William Thye (US)
Hebru Brantley (US)
Herakut (DE)
James Thistlethwaite (UK)
Jas Petersen (US)
Joseph Renda Jr. (US)
Kayla Mahaffey (US)
Martin Whatson (NO)
Mau Mau (UK)
Merlot (US)
Merry James (US)
Philip Bosmans (BE)
Pipsqueak Was Here!!! (NL)
Pizza in the Rain (US)
Pure Evil (UK)
Sergio Farfan (US)
Shark Toof (US)
Steve Seeley (US)

Since opening their doors at 1016 N. Western Avenue in 2013, Vertical Gallery has presented ambitious exhibitions with work influenced by street art, urban environments, graffiti, pop culture, graphic design and illustration. With 10 to 12 group and solo shows per year, plus participation in major international art fairs, Vertical Gallery has featured over 300 different artists from around the world in their exhibitions.

Vertical Gallery
1016 N. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622

Jillian Evelyn: It’s About Time

Vertical Gallery is thrilled to present a solo show of new work by Los Angeles-based painter Jillian Evelyn. ‘It’s About Time’ will be exhibited at Line Dot from March 23rd until April 20th, with an artist reception on opening night from 6:00-9:00pm.

‘It’s About Time’ investigates temporal experience from a female perspective, delving into the near-obsessive nature of women’s relationship with time. The increasingly rapid pace of our technology-driven world and the feminist reckoning of the ‘Time’s Up’ movement lend a particular relevance to the subject, but Jillian Evelyn’s panoptic lens extends beyond the current moment and is rooted in her own experience. Evelyn created the artwork for this exhibition as a way to confront and to process her personal and cultural observations of women’s relationship to time. She traces the burgeoning complexity of this relationship to the transition from childhood to womanhood and the cyclical rhythm that slowly develops therein. Now in her thirties, the artist is discovering a new set of challenges that women face around aging and childbearing. Reflecting society’s limited scope of female value centered on unrealistic expectations of physical appearance and motherhood, women are often left feeling that their worth diminishes as they age.

‘It’s About Time’ combats these dominant cultural narratives and offers an unapologetic alternative that embraces female experience in all its messy complexity. In these new paintings, Evelyn plays with texture and linework to novel effect, resulting in a fresh take on the signature style of her previous pieces. Reflecting on this creative process, Evelyn articulates that “it felt suitable to utilize this time to grow as an artist rather than fear change and the idea that my time as an artist will come to an end.”

Born in the midwest and currently living in Los Angeles, Jillian Evelyn is a highly accomplished painter, sculptor, illustrator and printmaker. Her practice balances challenging conceptual themes that tackle the darker sides of modern life with a brightly-colored pop aesthetic. In addition to gallery shows across the US, her work has been featured in Juxtapoz, Vice, CONTEXT Art Miami, and other major fairs and publications.

Jillian Evelyn: It’s About Time
March 23 – April 20, 2019
Opening reception with the artist on Saturday, March 23rd 6:00-9:00pm

Vertical Gallery
1016 N. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622

Piotr Antonow at Dreambox Gallery

Opening reception with artist present: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20th, 2019, FROM 6pm – 9pm

Piotr Antonow was born in Cracow, Poland. Early in his life, he began painting and drawing in his parents’ art studio and he continued his studies at the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Cracow. After moving to the United States in 1986, Antonow took classes at the Art Institute of Chicago and privately studied painting and drawing with Gay Riseborough. He also studied under Eleanor Spiess-Ferris in the Evanston Art Center, where he now runs the figure drawing sessions.

Piotr Antonow’s paintings combine the elements of abstraction with realistic representation. His compositions allow the lines, colors, and shapes to come together to define the realistic details of the form, that brings into view a degree of the inner world and the individuality of a subject.

Antonow has been a part of many group exhibitions in Chicago including the Polish Museum of America, Peter Jones Gallery, Evanston Art Center, The Art Center Highland Park, and DreamBox Gallery, and his work is well supported by private commissions and art collectors.


Here is one artist who took a journey to cover the masters and in the process gained a new understanding of the individual range of colors used by each artist. He also learned to recognize the distinct movements of their brushstrokes and its textures left on the surface of each painting.

It has been over a year since Tom Robinson began to paint his Covering the Masters Series. It all started with a commission to copy the Johannes Vermeer’s intimate portrait from 1665 – Girl with a Pearl Earring. We all admire this masterpiece with its mysterious qualities, but only a few are lucky enough to visit the Mauritshuis Museum in the The Hague by the North Sea of Netherlands to know – what it feels like to stand intimately in front of the painting of a young woman with an enigmatic smile.

Being drawn to the experience, Robinson decided to continue and copied The Goldfinch by Carel Fabritius. The painting of a chained goldfinch from 1654 is another example of Dutch painter, who his friend admired. Then, the frequent visits to the Chicago Art Institute began in search of another masterpiece to cover. The Edgar Degas and “Night Hawks” by Edgar Hopper followed. At this point, he realized that he was adding just a bit to each painting and changed from ‘copying’ to ‘covering’ the Masters.”

Tom Robinson has produced a remarkable series from Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Edward Hopper, Paul Gauguin, Amedeo Modigliani, and Pablo Picasso. His outstanding artistic skills and the ability to look deeply into the painting resulted in quite an impressive collection.

“What I learned – To blend less, but still blend. To paint with many more colors than I had previously used, but still limit my palette. And believe that you are only limited by the restriction you put on yourself.” ( Tom Robinson)

Today, he is working on Mrs. Newton with a Parasol by James Tissot, wondering:

“Could this be my last one?”

If you’re in the area, come in and check out his amazing work.

Cup & Spoon will be open on Wednesday, March 20th from 6:30am – 10pm.

Join us also to celebrate an exceptional woman, Rosie Quasarano, who leaves her mark on our community in the WOW District (West of Western). Thank you Rosie for fueling us with coffee, and for being a great supporter of emerging artists, poets, and musicians. We wish you much happiness and success with your roasting venture, Littlefoot Coffee Roasters in Michigan.

As we say goodbye to Cup & Spoon cafe, we also welcome Todd Burbo, the new owner of the soon-to-be-launched Harrison’s Cafe & Clubhouse, who will keep the coffee coming!

DreamBox Gallery will join the celebration with an opening reception from 6pm-9pm.

DreamBox Gallery/Studio has been an artist-run alternative space for showcasing artists in the neighborhood since 2003. You can find us in the back of the café on Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm-4pm or we are open by appointment.

www.dreamboxgallery.com | www.facebook.com/dreamboxgallery

Deathless-ness; 10,000 Works – Art of Darin Latimer

Elephant Room Gallery is thrilled to be exhibiting works by artist Darin Latimer in his very first solo show entitled “Deathless-ness; 10,000 Works (Eyes & Teeth Dept.)”. Darin is an outsider artist whose writing largely informs his work, which includes paintings and drawings on canvas, paper and plush reproductions “Deathless-ness; 10,000 Works” feels like an obsession, which speaks to the artist’s life-long interest in collecting things; bits of manufacturing debris from the leveled vacant fields adjacent to his Ypsilanti, MI loft, a head sized chunk of slag poached from an Iron Works State Park in Joliet, etc. Darin’s artwork divides, somewhat neatly, into the not-directly applied mediums (stuff put on one thing and then bluntly transferred to another – OR – applied directly and immediately distorted). The ‘smeary’ and the clean, graphic and cartoony, all have a place in this show.

Darin currently lives in Chicago with his wife, Lina, who he considers the co-creator of everything you see. She introduced him to Krink ink and ‘Budsies’, which transformed his work and approach to making work. The former is a ‘fast’ ink developed and manufactured by legendary Graffiti Artist Craig Costello. Darin does not use it in the typical Graffiti fashion. ‘Budsies’ is a company devoted to producing Plush Toys based on children’s drawings. Darin has commissioned 14 big heads and there are more to come. “I was supposed to be a writer (and I am, kinda….titles of my written work invade this show, including the exhibition title). These images emerged because of their own necessity. I don’t have a thesis. Every realized image is the result of a fight. You can decide who won. Faster, Faster, More, More.” – Latimer

“Deathless-ness; 10,000 Works (Eyes and Teeth Dept.)” will be on exhibit at Elephant Room Gallery April 6th through May 18th. Free and open to the public, the opening reception is on Saturday, April 6th from 6pm to 9pm and the artist talk is on Sunday, April 7th at 11am. The gallery is located at 704 S Wabash Ave. in the South Loop Neighborhood of Chicago with hours by appointment only. Visitors should contact the gallery via their website to schedule a viewing: www.elephantroomgallery.com.

About Artist Darin Latimer:

Darin Latimer was born in Detroit, MI and has long been obsessed with the city. He started drawing as a very small child, long before he talked, according to his mother, and he never stopped. Drawing was often the antidote to boredom or obligations. He would draw constantly through 10 hour cashier shifts at his dad’s store on the long Vistavision shaped ‘Cigaretta Cards’. His mother would drop him off for extracurricular drawing and pastel classes but they always drew some other artist’s picture of something. Darin used to skip school, returning to the city to spend whole days spelunking, book-hunting, salvage-picking, concert and club-going, but mostly just driving around with a camera. When his wife, Lina, attended the University of Detroit, his obsession became a part time profession as he would spend whole days taking photographs all over the city. Writing informs his art in an obvious, but impractical way. Darin does not distinguish between the two of them much. “I get a….let’s call it ‘notion’ (because I loathe the words ‘idea’ and ‘inspiration’)…something has bobbed up in the always-on pot of Polenta of my active conflating thoughts, it steps out, preens a bit and petitions for some further actualization; to be ‘made’. I putter in skeptically and it could be with either or both of my alleged vocations.” – Latimer