Ekphrasis – Poetry of Seeing

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Ekphrasis – Poetry of Seeing

DreamBox Gallery invites you for a CONVERSATION about ART and POETRY with LIDIA ROZMUS.

Saturday, January 27th, from 4pm-6pm

The impact of Japanese aesthetics on the work and life of Georgia O’Keeffe and her art as an inspiration for haiku poets.

While Georgia O’Keeffe is not known to have composed haiku, she certainly knew of them. Japanese aesthetics infused her work from the beginning, and the evidence can be found not only in her paintings but also in her studio and living spaces.

Lidia Rozmus presents a series of O’Keeffe paintings, each paired with a haiku poem inspired by O’Keeffe’s visible connection to nature through her colors, forms and rhythms.

Lidia Rozmus is an art editor of Modern Haiku and Mayfly, and art director at Deep North Press. She works as a graphic designer, paints sumi-e and oils, and writes haiku. Her paintings have been exhibited and her haiku published in the U.S., Japan, Australia, and Poland.

Ekphrasis – Poetry of Seeing is the theme chosen by a group of artists and poets who meet on the last Saturday of each month (from 4pm-6pm) for CONVERSATION with EACH OTHER about ART and POETRY. Everyone attending is welcome to bring their own art and ideas to expand the conversation. Suggested donation: $5.00.

Any questions? Please email: Iwona Biedermann | dreamboxgallery@gmail.com

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Public School, a solo exhibition by BOLT Artist-in-Residence, Jeffrey Grauel

Friday, February 2, 2018 – 6:00pm to Thursday, February 22, 2018 – 5:00pm
Opening Reception: Friday, February 2, from 6-9 pm

Chicago Artists Coalition is pleased to present Public School, a solo exhibition by BOLT Artist-in-Residence, Jeffrey Grauel.

Many students, especially those who are poor, intuitively know what the schools do for them. They school them to confuse process and substance. Once these become blurred, a new logic is assumed: the more treatment there is, the better are the results; or, escalation leads to success. The pupil is thereby “schooled” to confuse teaching with learning, grade advancement with education, a diploma with competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new. His imagination is “schooled” to accept service in place of value. Medical treatment is mistaken for health care, social work for the improvement of community life, police protection for safety, military poise for national security, the rat race for productive work. Health, learning, dignity, independence, and creative endeavor are defined as little more than the performance of the institutions which claim to serve these ends, and their improvement is made to depend on allocating more resources to the management of hospitals, schools, and other agencies in question.

–Ivan Illich, Deschooling Society, (1970)

Public School brings together two new bodies of artwork by Grauel: hooked rugs, their outmoded-grade-school-subject-matter covered in layer of shag; and, wooden sculptures inspired by a bamboozling childhood visit to a Southern Californian ghost town amusement park. The labor intensive process used to produce one set against the illusion of natural laws defied in the other.

A new essay by J. Nicole Brooks will accompany the exhibition.

At the end of every Calico Mystery Shack tour, guides lead groups in an “oath”:

Guide: Repeat after me: I
Group: I
Guide: Got taken
Group: Got taken
Guide: That’s the whole oath

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13th Annual Emerging Artist Exhibitions

Opening Reception: Friday January 5th, 6-10pm

Morpho Gallery is featuring a variety of different artists for its annual Emerging Artist Exhibitions. The gallery features many different medias, from ceramics to etchings, paintings to sculpture.

Each year we select 3-5 artists from each exhibit in a group exhibit during Chicago Artist Month in October 2018.

Morpho Gallery is dedicated to the advancement and exposure of emerging local artists. We offer our space as non-competitive, supportive system, open to all types of artistic media and age groups.

We are in our 14th year of EMA exhibits, giving young local and second career artists exposure. We offer our space as a stepping-stone to procedures in the art world and how to exhibit and present your art in a professional manner.

These exhibits bring artists into an established gallery, most for the first time, giving them experience and making connections, networking with other artists while trying to break into the ever-difficult art world.

These are no commission shows based on a nominal fee only after being accepted into the show. We will be having more exhibitions thru the winter months.

Additionally, we offer leasing packages at affordable prices for artists, musicians and artistic groups who wish to stage their own shows or rehearse. We are active members of the Andersonville, Bowmanville, and Ravenswood communities, and are dedicated to their enrichment via the visual arts.

Join us on opening reception night for some appetizers, drinks and fantastic new artwork. Shows featuring different artists and will be taking place throughout the winter months. See our website for updates and applications. morphogallery.com

About Morpho Gallery:

Morpho Gallery prides itself in seeking talented artists who are on the cusp of being discovered by the mainstream art community. We invite local artists to exhibit their work in a creative and non-competitive atmosphere where artistic experimentation and development are encouraged. By creating a blank palette inside the gallery, we offer infinite possibilities for an array of colors, textures and media to come together.

Weathering the Storm with Lauren Feece Opens January 13th

“Weathering the Storm” with Artist Lauren Feece, the 1st Exhibition of the
New Year, Opens January 13th at Elephant Room Gallery

Chicago, Il: “Weathering the Storm” is an exhibition of new paintings by Chicago-based artist Lauren Feece, opening January 13th at Elephant Room Gallery. The exhibition is a personal journey for the artist, reflecting her current state of mind in the process as she invites her family to have a hand in the creation of the work. The result is a powerful exploration of collaboration, connection and self-awareness.

The paintings are similar to Lauren’s previous work in that they capture an ethereal quality, but they are more abstract in their shapes and forms, referencing nature instead of the human face or figure. The interaction of her daughters, mother and grandmother while creating certain pieces is an important aspect to the overall exhibition as it ties the workshops that will happen in the gallery to the studio process in the creation of “Weathering the Storm.” Participants in these workshops will be able to collaborate with a child, partner, loved one or friend on a painting under the guidance and direction of Feece.

After experiencing a transcendent moment in her life, Feece shifts the perspective of her work and focuses on the deconstruction of natural elements like wind, rain and water, and our connection to those elements as they relate to our overall awareness. “I paint these journeys, dreams and visions. In the act of painting I exercise my power to create and my ability to reimagine the world. Soon, I realize I do not want to do this work alone. I invite my daughters, my mother, my grandmother, to make art with me. We play at creation and collaboration. Together we grow in our collective power to create. My process becomes such a joyful connection that it moves my work into new places. I am inspired to create with fearlessness.” – Feece.

Back in the summer of 2017, the directors of non-profit S.H.E. Gallery and Elephant Room Gallery got together at a booth at the LakeFX Creative Con at the Chicago Cultural Center to offer visitors a chance to form their own exhibition proposal as either curator or artist. Dulce Maria Diaz and Kimberly Atwood listened to participant’s ideas, helped them form proposals and then selected an artist who would be given the chance to see their exhibition come to life in the first exhibition of the New Year at Elephant Room Gallery. Lauren Feece is that artist.

“Weathering the Storm” runs from January 13th through February 17th, 2018 at Elephant Room Gallery, located at 704 S Wabash Ave. in the South Loop Neighborhood of Chicago. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, January 13th from 6pm to 9pm. Workshops and gallery hours will be available through the website: www.elephantroomgallery.com.

Elephant Room Gallery
704 S Wabash Ave. Chicago, Il 60605

DreamBox Gallery presents WOW Frequency SPECIAL GUEST: ALA JARON

Chicagoan’s may know Ala Jaron’s unique organically inspired jewelry from area boutiques and the store at the Art Institute and Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Formerly based here, Ala’s studio is now located near Warsaw, Poland. We are so happy to have her work available to you for one day only.

A L A  J A R O N  J E W E L R Y  D E S I G N S
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10th from 12pm – 4pm

Growing up just outside of Warsaw, Poland, Ala Jaron had a fascination with all things textural – beach stones from the banks of the river, the symmetry of snowflakes, the textiles and fabrics discarded from her father’s tailoring shop. In school, she was drawn to history books, with their illustrations of primitive ancient tools and artifacts, and photographs of elaborate jewelry worn by kings and queens. Nature was of particular interest – vibrant leaves in the autumn and wildflowers that seemed magical, each one possessing a one-of-a-kind beauty that today is captured in her necklaces, pins and earrings.

“As long as I can remember, I have expressed myself through art. I always had to create something, whether it was oil painting, ceramics, sculpture, fused glass or simple wreaths made out of loose branches I would collect at Christmas time. When I was introduced to jewelry design, it came very natural to me.”

Ala brings a unique view to her work in its organic forms and textures. She creates using the techniques of fabrication, surface texture and soldering of metals. Each piece is hand fabricated from the raw metal and then set with semi-precious stones and pearls. As a last touch, Ala adds patina to give her work a rich, aged appearance.


Ala Jaron is a self-taught artist who has been designing jewelry since 1993. She lives and works out of her home in Poland, but she is a frequent visitor to Chicago, which she made her home for over 30 years.Ala Jaron Designs can be now found in prestigious galleries, museum stores and boutiques all across the United States.


Website: www.dreamboxgallery.com