Morpho Gallery Presents ‘Tell Me When You Feel Something’

Above: “Solitary” by Frederick Nitsch

Exhibit Runs: September 28th – 29th 
Opening Artist Reception: September 29th 6pm –10pm

Featuring Frederick Nitsch 

Frederick Walter Nitsch combines photos with abstract painting to create work that is emotionally and intellectually evocative. This is his first solo show.

About the Artist

For most of my artistic career, I painted colorful abstractions and was inspired by the psychological concept of pareidolia, which refers to the human brain’s tendency to attribute pattern and meaning onto random or chaotic visual stimuli. But during that time, I was also consciously avoiding watching the news and thinking about social issues that made me uncomfortable. Since leaving graduate school (philosophy) years ago, I realized that I felt less, not more, qualified to make educated statements about issues like gender, poverty, war, and race. I had far more questions than answers, and felt a much greater urge to problematize than to prescribe – as the latter always seems to end in oversimplifications.

Reproaching these issues, then, by making art instead of writing papers has seemed like a way to open discussions without being pedantic. I believe that any photograph, if one stares at it long enough, will elicit a feeling of uncanniness as the static image is imbued with history and possibility. Despite this, we are so used to looking at pictures nowadays that the mystery can be lost. My photo-paintings are an attempt to tell stories, raise questions, and return the element of uncanniness to the cultural artifacts that we find all around us.

5216 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625