Interdisciplinary Art By Michelle Graves

“Time Influential”
Opening Receptions
Friday August 17th 6-10pm
Saturday August 18th 6-10pm

Michelle Graves Artist Statement

I thoroughly enjoy interweaving scientific research like physics and physiology with existential, stream-of-conscious thoughts. Some of my artwork is heavily text-based and some is representative of the process, but all of my work is derived from my obsession to figure out why things happen. When I dwell on a subject like anxiety, breathing, communication or a failed relationship, I compare these qualities to similar scientific phenomena. For example, the coefficient of restitution is the transfer of energy when two particles collide – in an elastic collision, no energy is transferred. I think of those colliding particles like the intensity of human beings meeting and forming a relationship, or NOT.

In organizing my research I construct formulas or techniques with which I apply material parameters for making bodies of artwork. The analyzation of the research is where I find my process. Some of these formulas include but are not limited to stream-of-conscious writing, graphical or gestural text paintings and drawings, abstract equations, short videos, zines, mixed media sculptural pieces and installations. The bodies of work range from densely layered to lighthearted, playful concepts.

About Michelle

Michelle Graves is an interdisciplinary artist residing in Chicago. She is the Chair of Agitator Co-operative gallery located in West Town, Chicago. She is also Head Curator and co-owner of the art subscription/consulting company, State of the Art.

Morpho Gallery
5216 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625