David Alan Sisk “Recent Paintings”

September 2017 (Chicago) – David Sisk is a visual artist that has been actively creating and exhibiting in Chicago since 2000. David is a mixed media artist who creates abstract, conceptual and representational works. His main styles are intricate abstract ink/watercolor drawings and paintings.

These works are often simple dense patterns of intricate lines, fluid shapes and harmonious colors, all of which are intended to evoke a mood. The subject of these works is often alluded to in the titles. Other works have a more narrative and symbolic structure, pointing directly to psychological states and interpersonal or environmental events. The approach toward all these creations is a meditative and self-reflective relationship between the artist, the medium, and the thoughts and feelings that arise in a stream of consciousness during the creative process.

In this particular show, David is exhibiting paintings created between 2015 and 2017. These works include abstract ink/watercolor drawings, large-scale abstract works on canvas, and a few representational paintings and photographs, which stem from or relate to the paintings in the exhibition.

The ink/watercolor pieces range in size and emphasis. Some are focused on presenting a simple aesthetic pattern or feeling while others include narrative/linguistic elements, which offer more representational playfulness and reference to concretely identifiable ideas/situations. The large-scale abstract works on canvas are focused on pursuing a balance of forms, positive/negative space and translating the method of the ink/watercolor pieces to a different medium.

David is a recurring artist at Morpho Gallery that has been represented since the gallery’s opening in 2004, with a show each year. He is a psychotherapist and scholar in psychoanalysis. David uses art as a means of exploring ideas, relationships, and the nuances of human experience. He is a process-oriented artist, allowing his works to be shaped by the subject and demands of the ideas and emotions being expressed. His painted works are often obsessively detailed and richly mysterious.