A Colorful Kaleidoscope of Cultures


A Colorful Kaleidoscope of Cultures
By Khrystyna Kozyuk
October 7-30, 2016

Khrystyna Kozyuk of the Kozyuk Fine Art Gallery is pleased to announce her newest exhibit, A Colorful Kaleidoscope of Cultures at the Ukrainian National Museum located at 2249 W. Superior St. in Chicago, IL. With an opening reception October 7th at 7:00pm, and show running through October 30th, Kozyuk is sure to affect and inspire all.

Using a variety of techniques, one of which she has come to develop personally, Kozyuk brings her travels and experiences of the world around her to life on canvas. With much of her earlier work focusing on nature, Kozyuk’s most recent inspiration comes from time spent learning about different traditions and cultures around the world. Being an observer first, Kozyuk is then able to take what she sees and the emotions she feels and transform it into a powerful, moving piece of art to share with all. As one admirer of Kozyuk’s work stated, “Anyone who has a chance to get to see her art, and who has a chance to get to know her will be drawn close by the charismatic nature that comes within her.”

In addition to A Colorful Kaleidoscope of Cultures at the Ukrainian National Museum, Kozyuk’s work can also be found at The Starline Gallery & Studios in Chicago, IL, at www.kozyukgallery.com, and throughout many homes and businesses across the Midwest.