Save “Casa Italia Art League”!

Casa Italia Art League is in need of help. I was informed that there is no money available for the Casa Italia Art league anymore and we need sponsors. I recently just got married and have no money to help.

I strongly believe that Casa Italia Chicago needs an art league. Casa Italia Chicago (located in Stone Park, Illinois / ) is a hidden Italian Village with their own church, school and recreation center. An art league would give a chance for Italian Artists to show case there work and away to bring Italians back to Casa Italia Chicago. We want to promote Casa Italia by way of Art. The art league started in February with so much enthusiasm and joy and excitement. We have had wonderful speakers and an even art exhibit at a library. I have even booked other locations to promote Casa Italia Art League. However, the sad news is as of today the art league is on hold if we can’t raise money to find a way to keep it. I had to cancel the next speakers / postpone do to money.

The Casa Italia Art League will be gone If we can’t find any help or sponsors. We have worked so hard to promote. No matter how small the donation, you too can make a difference. I am an Italian Artist who loves art and promoting Casa Italia and the Italian Culture. I belong to a variety of Art Leagues and I am a president of one.  You can check out my work at: I have promoted the art league in magazines (Fra Noi Italian Magazine) and newsletters (Countryside / my town’s newsletter) and to all the people I know.

If you would like to help by donating please contact