Mares & Jimenez : a duality in parallel mediums

Together the creative works of these two artists play off of each other in an almost magical way. Liz Mares out of Highland, IN and Javier Jimenez of Rockford, IL : communicate strong perception of design, a strong aesthetic nature, and a story worth listening to. While Mares & Jimenez represent a massive appeal through their individual works, each artists leaves you understanding the unique qualities they represent.


Liz Mares –
The art of Liz Mares is similar to the raw function of art itself. Each piece is a journey and representation of the human conscious and subconscious. The line work that Mares produces comes from a balanced and compassionate journey through life. In the past Mares has worked with a variety of mediums with focus on ink & paper. These new works are accomplished through a journey of vibrancy and color on raw panel. Liz Mares encourages growth through each new design and steps into this new series with a most graceful timing. The value of Liz’s work is carried strong with each new exploration while still maintaining the heart of her mission.

Javier Jimenez –
Through a world of color and pattern, Javier Jimenez is able to execute the most complex of designs and bring them together in a visually aesthetic way through the usage of ultra appealing mediums. Paper, wood assemblage, skate decks, reinstalled printed wood flooring, nothing comes short of creative with Javier’s works. Each piece is experimental with design and completely original as his work is always, ‘in a state of change.’ Throughout this ‘change’ Javier is able to keep a foundation where you see hints of his cultural influences and connections.

Location Details
Walnut Ink Projects
607 Franklin St
Michigan City, IN 46360