Real Cool Gen X Mid-Life Crisis

Real Cool Gen X Mid-Life Crisis is an art show with paintings and drawings by Derek Erdman and Marieke McClendon. The show doesn’t have a theme that the title may suggest, though there will be a nod of recognition that people of Generation X are now growing old and some of the things that were once charming aren’t aging very well. Time’s inevitable hands are slowly choking the youth out of a large group of people who declared that they’d never grow old. Alas, there will also be paintings of cats & food.

Derek Erdman is a painter, illustrator, and receptionist at Sub Pop Records in Seattle, WA. His work has been featured in Lucky Peach, the New Yorker, Print Magazine, The Believer, US Weekly, and others. This is his first Chicago art show since moving away in September of 2010. He’s sold over 4,000 paintings since 2004.

Marieke McClendon is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Chicago. She studied at Columbia College, was the editor of the Linework Comics Anthology, and has been published in Newcity and Lumpen. She also lies about her height.

Deadly Prey is a new gallery space created by brother & sister duo Brian and Heidi Anne Chankin. Some of the space will house a permanent display of Brian’s collection of hand-painted movie posters from Ghana. Brian is also the owner and creator of Odd Obsession Video Store.

Real Cool Gen X Mid-Life Crisis:
Pictures by Derek Erdman + Marieke McClendon

Deadly Prey
1433 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Friday April 3rd 2015 7pm-11pm
This show will remain up for one week, refreshments & snacks will be served.