“Accretion”, exhibition of work by Chicago-based artists Noelle Allen, C.C. Ann Chen and Ana Zanic
Beverly Arts Center, Chicago
Feb 20 – March 22
East Gallery
Reception/Artist Talk: March 7, 6-8pm

Accretion: The Work of Noelle Allen, C.C. Ann Chen and Ana Zanic features “….experimental, interdisciplinary artwork that moves fluidly between different media and processes.” (Allen) Some of the intersections within the work of Noelle Allen, C.C. Ann Chen and Ana Zanic are the documentation of the impermanence of memory, landscape, structures and the body. Allen’s work is tied to materials and process while exploring ideas of propagation. Chen’s work stems from an interest in architecture and landscape, and the retranslation of place. She then uses these collected images in the studio to create pieces that potentially deconstruct or disrupt her original photographic documentation. Zanic brings an “intuitive, spontaneous” approach to her studio practice, “…investigat[ing] questions of memories, past and origin. Layers of washes form transparent surfaces, evok[ing] questions about life and universe.” (Zanic)