OVERHE(a)R(e) POSTER Exhibition

21 Artists and The Simple Good proudly present, OVERHE(a)R(e), featuring artists from Chicago and London, challenging them to find inspiration from the urban landscape around the theme of the ‘simple good’ in their cities and communities. The project aims to broaden networks for featured artists, connect perspectives and communities internationally through the arts as well as understand the transcendence of the basic element of ‘good’ in the world to further connect cities overseas. This was done by a photo exchange of each artist’s ‘simple good’ inspiration which was then sent to an artist collaborator in the opposite city to create responsive work of the story given to them. In addition, a youth exchange with students in both cities will parallel the art exchange of the professional artists. Each artist’s easily transportable artwork will be sent to Chicago for the first round of exhibitions, workshops and events from the 12th of December with the youth exchange project showcase followed by the official Chicago opening on 13th December. The work will then be sent to London for a second round of workshops, events and exhibitions in early January beginning from the opening on 9th January, 2015.

Project Director Meg Peterson said: “This project provides artists across two very creative and vibrant cities an opportunity to build their networks, make art and collaborate outside of their comfort zones in unconventional ways. Its aim is to celebrate the arts while bringing life to an alternative spaces, engaging the public and local community groups, beautifying internal and external environments and promoting the arts across these cities”. Working closely with Chicago-based, The Simple Good, OVERHE(a)R(e) will be documented through a combination of interviews, videos, photographs and artistic renderings and will be exhibited in multiple venues including the Carnegie Library in Brixton, South London and an alternative gallery space in Chicago called Aplomb.

Featured artist from 21 Artists: London Blackfriars, filmmaker Pablo Robertson said: “I really love how 21 Artists brings people together in a free space to express themselves and interact with each other through different mediums. I shot footage throughout the Blackfriars project for my contribution which was a short film shown at the final exhibition and it was an incredibly inspiring experience”.

Priya Shah, Founder & Executive Director of The Simple Good says, “This exchange is significant because it will demonstrate the transcendence of the basic element of ‘good’ in our lives across seas through the artists’ own exchange of their meaning of ‘the simple good’ with each other. In addition, we are able to facilitate a powerful exchange of art and the meaning of good with our youth that need it most in Chicago.”

All work will be exhibited in Chicago on 13th of December at Aplomb Gallery, 2246 W. Grand, Chicago, IL 60612 and London January 9th at The Carnegie Library, 188 Herne Hill Rd, London SE24 0AG.

Chicago Youth Showcase will be held on Dec. 12th from 6-8pm at Aplomb Gallery. Students will be presenting on their ‘simple good’ paintings and what good means to them.

About 21 Artists:

After three successful projects in Chicago and London, 21 Artists will move into new territory connecting the two cities where the projects have been held in the past year. The project showcases 21 artists (10 artists in each city and one artist-in-residence) from a vast array of creative disciplines in alternative spaces to celebrate the creative process, collaborate and explore ways that artists and visionaries can work together to revitalise communities and empty spaces. David Ben-Porat from the Chicago project said: “I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful and successful outcome of our featured participation in 21. As artists, we often aspire to be in the spontaneous situation of improvisation and instantaneous creation, but the ego always bats an eye of judgment and evaluation toward these magical moments so when one can look back in hindsight and see the awesome result of that naked moment, it’s a very gratifying feeling”.

About The Simple Good:

The Simple Good is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting good from around the world through a platform of art and discussion. Over the past couple years, the organization has evolved from a global crowd-sourced photoblog to a non-profit that brings awareness to everyday good through public art projects and after-school art programming in schools in Chicago. The mission of The Simple Good is to show that no matter where you go in this world, good means the same to all of us, and that is what connects us as human beings.

For more information about 21 Artists and The Simple Good, please visit http://twentyoneartists.com/ and http://www.thesimplegood.com/.

Media Contacts:

Meg Peterson (London)
21 Artists Founder/Project Director
E: meg@twentyoneartists.com
M: +44 7598 767 411

Priya Shah (Chicago)
The Simple Good Founder/Executive Director
E: priya@thesimplegood.com
P: +1 708 408 0732

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