Kathy Weaver and Brian McDonald at ZIA Gallery

Kathy Weaver and Brian McDonald at ZIA Gallery

ZIA Gallery’s next exhibition presents two artists with offbeat approaches to topically relevant works of social commentary. Kathy Weaver’s and Brian McDonald’s artworks are bound to enliven discussion when the show opens Saturday, October 18th, 5 – 7pm.

Kathy Weaver is concerned with a dichotomy of technological uses and abuses, while Brian McDonald references a frazzled state of being exasperated by American consumerism. Kathy Weaver continues her fascination with robots and robotics. Brian McDonald’s visual vocabulary includes a painterly collage of slogans and cartoon imagery. At once, works by both artists can be disturbing while evoking wry amusement.

Kathy Weaver is recognized for her quilted airbrushed works. With this exhibition, mixed media approaches to drawing and painting prevail. One of these new works was snapped up in Grand Rapids, MI during the first day of Art Prize. ZIA Gallery will have many more of her powerful works on view.

Brian McDonald is based in California and exhibits for the first time in the Chicago area. ZIA Gallery welcomes him as a newly represented artist. He was recently included in SCOPE, NYC.

The exhibition continues through November 15th, 2014. Please note ZIA Gallery has new hours. The gallery is now open Tuesday through Saturday 10 – 5pm and Thursday until 7pm.

548 Chestnut St.
Winnetka, IL 60093

847 446 3970

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