U.S. CITIES OPENS AT Phantom Gallery, Reception to take place at the Bronzevile Arts Lofts
Bronzeville Artist Lofts (BAL) Arts Incubator 436 E. 47th Street, Chicago IL 60653

Stunning images, by St. Louis, MO multi-media artist/photographer Lois Ingrum, shed light on “make shift community monuments” in 10 cities across U.S. “The Doll Project”, a selection of photographs/totems from an ongoing documentation by Multi-media artist Lois Ingrum will be on exhibit at the Phantom Gallery for the entire month of October.

Started in 2008, the series sheds light on the “makeshift monuments” of public displays of community grieving following the loss of slain loved ones in U.S. cities. Paradoxically, the overall impression left by the series is of the strength and resilience.

“My documentation /images are often about the impact that “makeshift memorials” has on neighborhoods and communities where loss of life has occurred.” Ingrum explains. “But overall I didn’t want the series to say “oh, look how tragic this is”. Instead I worked to capture through photographic images, interviews of families, loved ones and others- the value and love that individual loss has in the community healing process. I traveled across the country in 2012 to document the beauty in how communities heal.”

With rare access to family and community survivors of violent death loss, Ingrum provides an up-close look at makeshift monuments as grassroots tribute to slain loved ones in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, Memphis ,TN, Huntsville, AL, Atlanta, GA, Delaware, Philadelphia, PA, Harlem, N.Y .and Los Angeles.

The resulting photographs classically styled in both black and white and color richly document the use of “Teddy Bear Dolls” and other items and/or totems left in the streets and neighborhoods where loss of life occurred that rise up as “makeshift memorials” in urban landscapes, thus, becoming an iconic piece of the neighborhoods’ fabric in the grieving process.

These “Dolls” resonate with people of varied faiths, socio-economic status, and speaks to cities as a whole. “The Doll Project” series bring home the gravity of loss, as well as the beauty, spirit, and resilience of communities which continue to endure, even in loss.

Lois Ingrum is a 2012 Visionary Award artist, and a recent graduate of the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission’s CAT Institute’s TIGER program: A yearlong pilot arts based community development/research.

What: “THE DOLL PROJECT”, “images/totems public displays of healing”
Where: Bronzeville Artist Lofts (BAL) Arts Incubator 436 E. 47th Street, Chicago IL 60653
When: October 10, 2014 Time: 5:00pm-7:00 pm

Phantom Gallery Chicago, 440 E. 47th Street, Chicago IL, Room 205By appointment only 12-5pm
weekdays call 773-681-6570 Alpha Bruton, Alan Emerson Hicks773-501-7730 or call Lavon Pettis 773 458-9864 for weekend appointments only

Who: Multi-media Artist, Lois D. Ingrum
When: October 10, 2014 Time: 5:00pm-7:00 pm
Missouri History Museum

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