Call for Artists: Mental Health America of Illinois (MHAI)

Mental Health America of Illinois (MHAI) is looking for 24 volunteer visual artists to artistically interpret 24 short, creative, nonfiction stories of recovery from mental health struggles and movement toward wellness. Stories may be written as poetry or prose, memoir or essay, and may include creative elements such as magical realism, humor, surprise, sonnets, mythology, history, etc…

Your artwork will be on display and up for auction at a fundraising event in the winter of 2015 in the Chicago area to raise funds for the Youth Wellness programs of MHAI. We ask that all artists donate their work. In return, artists will receive free entrance to one of MHAI’s public education seminars in 2015 (located downtown Chicago – see MHAI website for information on our MHEP series). All 24 artists are invited to attend the fundraising event for free to represent and promote their work.

The particulars:

• Stories will strongly reflect optimism, vision, recovery and creative journeys to wellness after having struggled, or are still struggling with: mental or physical illness, loss, trauma, violence, addiction, bullying, unemployment, poverty, shunning, etc…)
• Artwork will attempt to convey the hope and joy of the stories
• Artists will receive their stories on November 1
• Artwork must be submitted to MHAI January 15, 2015
• Artwork will be added to the website on a rolling basis, so earlier submission is encouraged
• As this project develops, artists may have the opportunity to share their experience with this project through a variety of publications, including the possibility of a documentary – you never know

Contact events@mhai.or for more information!

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