Couple Things

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August 15 – September 18, 2014

Romantic Couples Use Art To Bond

Certain elements within a romantic relationship aid a couple in bonding. Different couples use different elements. What happens when the connecting feature is art making?

Hyperlink is excited to present Couple Things, which takes a snap shot of artist couples who work together with visual creativity. The artist couples are represented by showing each individual’s work as well as the couple’s collaborative work. By showing the couple’s collaborative work alongside their individual works, the viewers get a glimpse of their new artistic identity, as a pair. The show also demonstrates how art can be a tool for partners to unify and grow together.

Participating artist couples are Amber Cobb and Jason Below, Kathryn Wingard and Xi Zhang, Shaun C. Gibson and Myriam Gibson, Matt Weedman and Annie Strader, Thomas Scharfenberg and Emily Moyer.

Hyperlink is a noncommercial gallery that represents an experimental collective of artists focused on creating interchange between art communities from different locations. Hyperlink artists aim to connect to local artists in their home city via critical dialogue, curated exhibitions, and collaboration. For more information please see Hyperlink’s website at Hyperlink can be contacted at

Hyperlink Gallery
1029 W 35th St, Lower Level Studio #015, Chicago, IL 60609

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