glitChicago: An Exhibition of Chicago Glitch Art


James Connolly and Kyle Evans, Cracked Ray Tube, 2014

Over the past decade Chicago has enjoyed a reputation as a center for artists within a worldwide subculture of experimentation in electronic media. Knit together by global communications networks, the tendency known as “glitch” or “glitch art” centers around the noisy and colorful errors propagated when electronic media systems and digital encoding are unexpectedly interrupted or misbehave.

glitChicago presents the work of 24 artists working with glitch in a wide variety of media. All have participated in the city’s glitch art scene, though they may come from other cities and indeed other countries. The two-month long exhibition features wall installations by Melissa Barron, Jon Cates, Theodore Darst, A. Bill Miller, Jon Satrom, Lisa Slodki, and Paul Hertz and free-standing installations by Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Curt Cloninger, James Connolly and Kyle Evans, and Channel TWo.

On Friday, September 19 an evening of media performances will include work by A. Bill Miller, Antonio Roberts, Cracked Ray Tube, Jason Soliday, Jeff Kolar, Joe Chiocchi, Jon Satrom and Ben Syverson, Nick Briz, Nick Kegeyan, I <3 Presets Reunion (Rob Ray, Jason Soliday, Jon Satrom), Rosa Menkman, Curt Cloninger, Shawné Michelain Holloway, jonCates, and stAllio!

The following day, Saturday, September 20, UIMA will host a round table discussion looking at glitch art from an art historical perspective, asking the question: Once we induct glitch art into art history, is glitch art dead?

In keeping with the open nature of glitch subculture, online manifestations of glitChicago will include a portal through which anyone can contribute glitch art to, a repository of glitch art. Contributions will be on display during the exhibition.


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