Colorado and Chicago based artists react with Visual Dialogue

bump discharge_72 dpi_wes

Kathryn Wingard: Bump/ Discharge, Acrylic, Ink on Paper, 2014

React, Reshape, Alter, Affect
July 18 – August 15, 2014

What would it look like if artists physically did what the internet does? Hyperlink, a group of Colorado based artists have come to Chicago to do just that; physically enact the interactions and networking involved in online communication and knowledge sharing. Kathryn Wingard starts Hyperlink’s endeavor with React, Reshape, Alter, Affect. Please join us for the opening reception Friday, July 18, 2014 from 7pm – 10pm. Curated by Xi Zhang, this show will feature an artistic investigation, by Kathryn Wingard and guest Chicago based artists, which looks into how one thing affects another.

Kathryn has said “The underlying constant in all of the different bodies of work I have done is how one object’s change or action affects those outside of itself. This conceptual concern seems to be most apparent in my ceramic pieces that involve manipulating cloth and clay together.”

Her two dimensional work started off as sketches for three dimensional objects, but eventually morphed into their own autonomous pieces. In React, Reshape, Alter, Affect Xi Zhang highlights Wingard’s interest in cause and effect by inviting a Chicago based guest artists to react to her images. The result becomes a dynamic visual dialogue between the artists’ work.

In 2008 Kathryn Wingard graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in fine arts 3-D, with a concentration in ceramics. She continued to study fine arts with the graduate department of ceramics at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and has participated as a resident artist at the Paukune Wanner Art Hause in Severance, Colorado, and the Showpen Residency in Denver, Colorado. Kathryn has shown in Massachusetts, Colorado, and Illinois, as well as internationally.

Hyperlink is a noncommercial gallery that represents an experimental collective of artists focused on creating interchange between art communities from different locations. Hyperlink artists aim to connect to local artists in their home city via critical dialogue, curated exhibitions, and collaboration. For more information please see Hyperlink’s website at or contact Hyperlink at


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