Upcoming Events at Roman Susan Gallery

Rogers Park Art Space
1224 W. Loyola Avenue, Chicago 60626
romansusan.org | (773) 270-1224

Jorge Mañes Rubio: Street Food Lighting
June 25 – July 5 ~ Nightly Projections

Jorge Mañes Rubio brings street food visions from countries like Morocco, Thailand, or Indonesia and projects them onto streets in more developed countries with less lively nightlife.

“In this project I would like to use the city as a white canvas to show the habits of different cultures. To promote our streets as places for social learning and exchange, making them brighter, safer and more interesting at the same time, bringing art to neighborhoods and people who normally don’t interfere with it.”

Street Food Lighting will be presented June 25 to July 5, with projections ranging from sunset to early morning. This work may be viewed from the street; Roman Susan will not be open to the public during this time, except by appointment.
For further info:
http://seethisway.com | http://romansusan.org/street-food


Living Room Playmakers
July 18 – July 20 ~ 8 PM

The Living Room Playmakers is a theatre collective formed by graduates of Northwestern University’s Writing for the Screen + Stage program. They write plays for non-traditional spaces and non-traditional audiences, and they throw great parties.
Erin Austin is a playwright living in Chicago. She is pro-spectacle, pro-humor, and pro-indie-theatre. MFA in Writing for the Screen + Stage from Northwestern University.

Chad Eschman is founding member of Cardboard Box Theatre Project and Living Room Playmakers. He recently self-produced his first NYC show, The Memory Tax. He has an MFA from Northwestern and a BA from Santa Clara University.

Jenni Lamb is a former actress and improviser. She self-produced two plays: Memento Polonia and Period Piece, and has had readings at The Gift Theatre, Wordsmyth Theatre (Houston), and Chicago Dramatists. Jenni holds an MFA from Northwestern University.

Jennifer Rumberger is a playwright and actress.  Recently, she has worked with Redmoon Theater and Chicago Dramatists. She previously attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and has worked as an actress in London, New York, Toronto, and Chicago.

Jessy Lauren Smith is a Chicago-based playwright, screenwriter, educator, and claymation enthusiast. She is a three-time O’Neill semi-finalist with an MFA from Northwestern.

Tony Werner is a playwright based in Chicago. His work has been produced or developed at such theaters as Collaboraction, Chicago Dramatists, Steep Theatre Company, Ensemble 113, Pinebox, Manhattan Repertory Theatre, and Jackalope. He’s also a former writer for the Onion.

For further info:
http://www.lrplays.org | http://romansusan.org/living-room


July 25 – July 27 ~ 8 PM

A “foundling” is a deserted or abandoned child of unknown parentage, while “found art” is a practice and product activated through engagement with objects that have been forgotten, left behind, or otherwise passed by. Through embodied performance and visual art, Foundlings’ Song reproduces the struggle of finding one’s identity within both the mundane and theatrical components of everyday life such as bodily dis/comfort, fashion, artistic practice, family, environmental concerns, and pervading and disappearing memories.

Performers use expressive movement, storytelling, fabric manipulation, and collaboratively composed text to investigate the intersections of personal memory, cultural memory, the human body, loss, and love. In addition to the performance, community members will be encouraged to bring a piece of found art to contribute to the project.

For further info:
http://www.jadechuell.com | http://romansusan.org/foundling


Sam Hoolihan & John Marks: City Symphony in 16mm
July 26 ~ 10 PM

City Symphony in 16mm: A New Work for Expanded Cinema is an interactive, multiprojection, expanded cinema project that debuted at the abandoned Fuji-Ya restaurant building on the Minneapolis riverfront during the 2014 Northern Spark Festival.

Viewers experience and interact with moving images captured in the city that offer new and abstracted presentations of our environment through live, original, hand-processed 16mm films. The artists engage audiences through improvised 16mm film multiprojection, which reflects and re-creates the simultaneous stillness, order, and chaos of city life.

Projectionists invite viewers to participate by manipulating the analog films through rudimentary effects such as placing and moving prisms and gels in front of the projection lenses to obscure the images.

For further info:
http://shoolihan.tumblr.com | http://alexvada.com | http://romansusan.org/city-symphony

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