ZIA Gallery presents Karina Hean and Rick Dula: Opening Reception June 21, 5-7pm


From June 21 to July 26 Karina Hean and Rick Dula will be exhibiting at ZIA Gallery.  These artists come from very different aesthetics. Karina Hean works in the realm of an expanded definition of drawing with her works on paper and vellum. Using a variety of media including charcoal, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, graphite, and collage, Hean creates abstractions inspired by nature that range from bold and expansive (both in feel and size) to delicately intricate with an appearance of simplicity, and intimate in scale. Her work suggests both the micro and the macro levels of nature through both imagery and scale.  Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, Karina Hean now makes New Mexico her home.

Rick Dula is a photorealist artist who paints quiet images of urban and rural industrial scenes. For this exhibition ZIA Gallery will include some of his new rural paintings. Dula has works in collections of the Denver Museum of Art and Oakland Museum of Art.  For a commission, he is in the process of completing a scaled down version of his huge Denver Museum of Art installation painting. His work is often favorably compared to Edward Hopper through the interpretation of light and quiet mood. In addition, Dula’s skillful manipulation of paint is much admired.

All are welcome to attend the opening reception Saturday, June 21, 5 – 7pm.

The gallery is located 2 short blocks from the Winnetka Metra station.

Website: www.ZIAgallery.net

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