Industrious: Call for Art


My name is Alexis and I am the Community Manager at Industrious, a shared office space in the River North neighborhood of downtown Chicago.  I am looking for local artists to showcase your photography, paintings or other artwork within our office space.  Artists, arts organizations and community organizations in all creative genres are encouraged to participate!

Who are we?
Industrious is the next evolution of the modern workplace:  private glass offices in a beautiful social office community.  Come see our expansive, beautiful loft space set in Chicago’s artistic River North community or visit

How do I apply?
Please contact Alexis at to apply.  Please send an artists statement and several high-res images of the artwork including title, date and media type.

This is an ongoing art program as we are always looking for new artists to showcase.

Will we sell your work?
We are not interested in commissions or handling sales, but we are happy to connect our members or any interested parties who want to buy the artwork with you.

Contact Information
Alexis Piscazzi

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