June Art Spree: Father’s Day


Matthiessen State Park by Chris Main

The Illinois Artisans Program Father’s Day Art Spree is on Thursday and Friday, June 12-13, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM in the James R. Thompson Center Atrium, 100 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, Clark/Lake Stop. Shop local fine art directly from the juried artisans who made it. Watch demonstrations and browse this pop-up art fair.

Featured Artisans:

Grazina Damijonaitis, (Jewelry) Willowbrook
John Ferguson, (Jewelry) Chicago
Ginni Guzior, (Jewelry) Orland Park
Svetlana Kunina, (Jewelry) Lake Villa
Carol Luc, (Drawing) Chicago
Carolyn Mckee-Freese, (Drawing) Serena
Dennis O’Malley, (Intaglio) Wilmette
Audias Roldan, (Painting) Chicago
Linda Roxe, (Photography) Chicago
Susan Sladcik Wilson, (Jewelry) Niles
Hugh Spector, (Collage) Chicago
Benjamin David Szulczewski, (Jewelry) Chicago
Marilyn Weisberg, (Painting) Buffalo Grove
Mike Willie, (Jewelry) Arlington Heights

Art Spree Highlight: Hugh Spector a Chicago has been constructing story boxes for over 30 years. Walking into Hugh Spector’s studio there are shelf after shelf of toys, parts, and materials in various stages of dissection for his shadow boxes. Maps, machine parts, and broken thermostats become larger than life stages when paired with Donald Duck or discarded game pieces. Materials are sliced apart and reconstructed into intricate collaged shadow boxes.

It is often during the construction of a piece that the story or meaning begins to unfold; the objects and images carry their own weight of meaning, their relationship and position within the framework of the box suggests it’s import.

When pressed, Spector will reveal a little of the story behind each collage, or at least part of the story going through his mind during construction. But Spector is more interested in the power of suggestion and the reaction of the view. Meet the artist at the Father’s Day Art Spree and see what stories come to mind.

Illinois Artisans, a not-for-profit endeavor, is a showcase for art work created by the state’s finest artisans. It provides an ongoing opportunity to view and purchase the best designed and crafted traditional, contemporary, ethnic and folk art made in Illinois.

Website: http://bit.ly/JuneArtSpree

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