Chicago Truborn Gallery: The Lie


We are honored to present Chicago-land with the ingenious works of The Lie for his first solo exhibit in the city.

The Chicago based artist, Jay Turner, has sculpted his knowledge and prowess in the fine art world into a thrilling and audacious alter ego known only as, “The Lie.” The work of The Lie is inviting yet cryptic, soothing while at the same time unnerving, and most importantly, it *never* disappoints.

About his own work, The Lie has said: “The messages and artwork reflect the ugly urge people have to get everyone else to follow in a single file line behind them.”

Using all mediums, from canvas and found objects to brushes and spray cans, The Lie has the ability to hypnotize the audience to the point of euphoria. Once the viewer connects a “Lie”, there is no going back.

Join us for the opening reception, Friday, May 2nd from 7-11 pm. Tiger Beer is generously providing the beverages for those who are 21 and up. This is a free event.

****Come ready to enjoy all new artwork and a STUNNING new mural from THE LIE, himself. Please invite your friends or anyone who enjoys viewing and purchasing affordable, mind blowing, innovative, artwork!!****

Chicago Truborn 
1418 W Division St. 
Chicago, IL 



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