Chait Galleries Call for Artists

Benjamins Buttons_Web (1)

Juried show at The Chait Galleries Downtown in the diverse city of Iowa City!

Everyone is influenced and challenged by his or her own experiences: people, places, things, events, or ideas that have had a significant impact on them.  What impacts you or pushes your buttons? We want to see what influences have shaped your life. We are looking for entries of original work that offer intense, dramatic, distinctive and imaginative imagery. Additionally each piece entered must be elucidated by a “tweet”, a statement no more than 140 characters. The tweet is an integral component of the piece: your entry will not be considered complete without a “tweet” for each image.

The Chait Galleries Downtown in Iowa City, IA will host the exhibition February 14–March 29, 2014 which is open to all artists 18 years and older residing in the United States.  All 2D and 3D media accepted except photography.

The Chait Galleries Downtown was established in Iowa City, IA in 2003. We represent many of the finest artists in the Midwest.  Exhibits are diverse and continuously changing and feature local, regional and international artists. Works of jewelry and tiny oil paintings give way to large expansive works in all media. Our service shop offers framing, lighting, installation, and an array of fine art services.

Benjamin’s Buttons is a juried show. The jury panel will consist of a qualified panel of artists who are looking for originality, composition, technique and a “tweet”, no longer than 140 characters that informs the work. All decisions of the jury are final.


One thought

  1. Deadline to submit work for Benjamin’s Buttons: Keeping it all Together has been extend until January 24th!!
    -Bethany Fischer, Marketing Assistant @ Chait Galleries

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