Clyde Butcher and Ted Preuss to Exhibit at ZIA Gallery

Clyde Butcher and Ted Preuss to Exhibit at ZIA Gallery

Clyde Butcher and Ted Preuss to Exhibit at ZIA Gallery

Opening October 19th  2013, ZIA Gallery features stunning classic black and white work by two fine art photographers. Clyde Butcher is noted for his large format silver gelatin prints of nature bringing attention to the wonders of untouched environment across the United States. He is the subject of several documentary films and is the recipient of numerous awards including several honors from the state of Florida and the Sierra Club. His work is widely collected and exhibited in museums across the US and internationally.

Ted Preuss concentrates on sensual elegance of the female figure. Poetic interpretation of gesture along with acute attention to composition, light and form are central to his art form. He picked up his first camera at the age of seven and instantly became obsessed with the nature of the medium. Preuss, too, uses traditional techniques, including a vintage view camera with century old lenses. The process of making prints is as important to him as the practice of creating photographs. He chooses platinum palladium as a printing process for its distinct vintage quality and archival properties. His work is often diminutive and intimate in scale. His work been featured in Zoom Magazine, Focus Magazine, Large Format Magazine and is collected worldwide.

Join us on Saturday, October 19th from 5 – 7pm for the opening Clyde Butcher and Ted Preuss, Photography. The exhibition continues through November 23rd.


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