Tim Liddy and Fumiko Toda at ZIA|Gallery


Join ZIA|Gallery in welcoming two very different artists and aesthetics represented by their mixed media paintings and works on paper.

What do games have to say about culture, memory or an era? Tim Liddy raises questions with his hyper-realistic depictions of seemingly old game board covers. “There are so many games, and they’re such an important part of who we are. We’ve played games throughout the history of civilization, and play is a very important part of the human experience- whether you’re kicking a ball or engaging in more intellectual play.” Liddy makes a game of the idea of games as he constructs and paints images that look “real” that have had some wear through time- “taped” together (paint), tattered and bent cardboard (copper), and price stickers suggesting the games have been sold at garage sales (again a painted illusion). What’s more, is the wording on the “cover” accurate? Did the game even exist? Or is Liddy such a master at illusion that he only convinces us that we “knew” that game, that we “played” that game. Tim Liddy brings more questions for us to ponder when his featured exhibition opens at ZIA Gallery on Saturday the 7th.

Also featured are the ebullient paintings of Fumiko Toda. Her paintings dance with color, texture and joyful imagery and abstraction. Growing up in Japan, she spent time in nature fascinated by insects, plants and life around her. These influences are found in her work today. Now she lives and paints in NYC and explores Central Park for inspiration from the natural environment. Her work is intuitive, layered and experimental- combining collaged elements from her printmaking along with painting. She explores scale, working from tiny, intimate pieces to unusual panoramic canvases of playfulness.

Both artists will be in attendance at their opening reception Saturday, September 7, 5 – 7pm.

Learn more about Tim Liddy at http://ziagallery.net/blog/?p=440 and http://ziagallery.net/liddy.html
Learn more about Fumiko Toda at http://ziagallery.net/toda.html and http://ziagallery.net/blog/?p=449

Tim Liddy and Fumiko Toda at ZIA|Gallery

Opening Reception Saturday, September 7, 5 – 7pm
Exhibition continues through October 12.

ZIA Gallery
548 Chestnut St.
Winnetka, IL 60091

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