Lindsay Olson: Manufactured River

Lindsay Olson will be a featured speaker at Symposium Day September 26th at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. She will be speaking about her project “Manufactured River”

” I create art about the waste water treatment process. I am fascinated by the science and engineering required to turn sewage in to clean water. Most people think of government as an abstract concept. I’m delving into this gritty business to learn about the biological, chemical and physical processes used to treat waste water and then create art that highlights this industry.

Water is an intimate substance and for that reason I have chosen to work in textiles for this project. Scientists, engineers and tradespeople work side by side in the treatment plant and the materials reflect this diversity. The art is mounted on a workmanlike, heavy duty canvas and collaged with dress shirts, fine linen, silk wool and denim. Because water is essential for life, the colors chosen lean toward red, yellow and blue.”

1.Lindsay OlsonCrawlingCiliatesAspidisca1000


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