Sam Kirk’s “Multicultural America” on exhibition at Elephant Room August 21st through September 27th

"Multicultural Flag" Sam Kirk giclee print on artist matte paper 12 x 12

“Multicultural Flag”
Sam Kirk
giclee print on artist matte paper
12 x 12

Elephant Room, Inc. is excited to be working with Chicago-based artist Sam Kirk once again for her exhibition of newest work entitled “Multicultural America”. The exhibition runs August 21st through September 27th with an opening reception on Friday, August 23rd from 6:30 to 9:00pm. Elephant Room, Inc. is located at 704 S Wabash Ave. in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago, in the center of the newly recognized Wabash Arts Corridor.

“Multicultural America” is a series of framed screen prints and giclee prints celebrating the many different cultures within America through historical, political and popular character references. Sam Kirk has always found it important to address culture in her work and this new body of work emphasizes America as a culture made up of many.

As many of Sam’s counterparts celebrate their own culture through their artwork, Sam asks us to consider celebrating our diverse make-up as a culture of its own. “Every city I go to has segregation issues. While creating this work, I was trying to grasp why in America there are Americans that don’t have the same legal rights as other Americans. I wondered if we would ever look at each other as one and bridge our differences.” – Sam. “Multicultural America” is an exhibition of work that speaks to a diverse audience by addressing our segregation issues when it comes to race, class, sexual orientation and gender inequalities.

About the Artist

Provocation is a common theme for Sam Kirk, a multidisciplinary and multicultural artist. It is at the center of not only her work but also her personal journey. Unintended at times and wielded at others, Sam uses art to provoke people to feel, see or understand things differently.

After graduating with a BFA in interior architecture and marketing, she got a job in advertising. This was her bread and butter. At the same time she worked her way into an artist community through gallery connections and studio interactions. Attending readings and lectures taught Sam about mediums, brushes and how to handle the materials she works with today. Using moments of mentorship as a guide, she discovered how to extend materials, play with texture and perfect her creative process as an artist.

In Sam’s world, the art she creates is meant to create change and then celebrate it. For this reason, Sam will continue to push boundaries and generate awareness to help causes that help people. She will continue to create art that is accessible to all, especially those who inspire her work.


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