Velvet Revolution | May 2 @ Beauty Bar!


DATE/TIME: May 2nd 9:00PM – May 3rd 2:00AM
VENUE: Beauty Bar Chicago 1444 West Chicago Ave.

Take it in Chicago! May is the month of exploring! Seize your mind from the shackles of monotony and get a taste of what it feels like to be alive and kickin’ in this city of ours! MAY 2nd The Infusion Project is paving that notorious road to summer and it’s setting the tone for what’s to come! Come get a glance of what your life can be so fortunate enough to experience. Velvet Revolution is growing its talents and with that, it’s growing its presentation! Don’t keep yourself chained to the norms! Break free from the predictable and experience the unforeseen!

This month, artists will be taking it to the top! Watch them raise you from your feet and heighten your minds to the revolution! Experienced composers of the visual arts will share their soul driven minds with the daring. Let the natural flow of the night absorb you in and swallow you into a world that can only be achieved by the revolutionary project.

The Infusion Project can’t stop at exciting just a select few of your senses! Sevron will take over your body and shake off every fading inch infusing youth back into it. His nu-disco up-beat tempos will punch out of the speakers and beat the floor with its drums! Long-time revolutionist, Cachet, will be spinning alongside Sevron’s bold flavor, and enticing your bodies to get low. Her love for bass stays unsupervised, imprinting a night deep inside you that can’t be erased!

See it for yourself!


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