Phoenix Rising Chicago


Phoenix Rising Chicago is producing a unique and female-empowering evening of performing, visual, and multimedia art to be held at The Double Door on June 19, 2013. We are looking to create an entertaining, one-of-a-kind showcase inclusive of a variety of styles, genres, and subject matter. The mission of this event is to bring local awareness to those affected by eating disorders, with 100% of profits benefiting a local ED-based organization. A Gynaeceum in Ancient Greece was a building or was the portion of a house reserved for women, generally the innermost apartment. Our Gynaeceum will feature a variety of female-originated works throughout the evening.

We are looking for art of all kinds, including dance, performance art, multimedia work, visual art, comedy, music, burlesque…

Please consider stage size when submitting (20×16 minus sound equipment)
Artists will be given the opportunity to sell their work at the show
Not all performers have to be female; however all art needs to originated by a female
Time limit for performing acts: 5 minutes for solo/duet acts, 10 for groups of 3+, 20 for musicians
This show/venue is 21+, no exceptions

Submission forms are available here:

A link to a video or digital images of your work will need to be submitted with your information. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, April 10, 2013. Applicants will be notified via email on April 15.

Phoenix Rising Chicago is a dance-based performing arts company seeking to test the limits of what a small company is capable of. Our mission is to foster creative ideas by leveraging the collective energy of the artist throughout our community.  We work to support each others creative visions, inclusive of a variety of media, art, dance, and styles. We are continuously pushing past boundaries, to expand each of our artists, individually and collectively, to reach their true creative potential.

For additional information please email Ali Hodson at

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