Herbert Murrie at Jennifer Norback Fine Art


Herbert Murrie, DSC 0281, 2011, 20 x 20″

Herbert Murrie:
Piccoli Dipinti
February 1st 5-8 pm

This is the first of a two part exhibition. Piccoli Dipinti & Grandi Dipinti. Piccoli Dipinti, will consist of small (piccoli) paintings (dipinti) from Herbert Murrie’s most recent body of work.

The second part of the exhibition consisting of large (grandi) paintings (dipiniti) will debut in Tuscany in the spring and then be restaged by Jennifer Norback FIne Art in Chicago at the opening of the Art Season this Fall in September.


In the tradition of the Grand Tour that spans back to the 17th Century, Jennifer Norback Fine Art presents JNFA Abroad 2013, an introduction to Italy, Paris and Greece as seen through the experience of working Chicago artists in Europe. We believe that visual art is best understood and appreciated within the context of the artist communities that foster and nurture it. To that end, JNFA has organized lectures, dinners, private museum and atelier visits all designed to offer a entrance point for you to experience the creative process “from within” these great cultural capitals of Europe.


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