Kathy Weaver and Michael Cutlip Reception

On Friday night, ZIA|Gallery was abuzz with friends, art lovers, and curious passerby for the opening reception of Kathy Weaver and Michael Cutlip’s two person show. Weaver, who hails from Highland Park, airbrushes, embroiders, and paints on silk, velvet, satin, and cotton to create playful multi-media pieces with color palettes that excite the eyes. Her work often pokes fun at society or comments on socio-political issues, such as violence, technology, and gender roles. Cutlip, a San Francisco native, paints and collages on panel, and also utilizes printmaking to achieve his desired aesthetic. He experiments with found materials, and possesses an artistic freedom often lost among adults.  His work evokes a sense of nostalgia and child-like wonder.

Visitors to the gallery were impressed with Weaver’s intricate multimedia fiber pieces, and were inquisitive about the artist’s methodology and materials. Many people came from the Chicago area specifically to see her work. She spent most of the evening greeting visitors and posing for photos with them. Her work was described as “delightful,” “funny,” and “marvelous” by various attendees of the event.

Cutlip spoke to several people about his printmaking techniques, including his use of Xerox transfers to incorporate his children’s artwork into his pieces, giving it a personal, lighthearted, and sometimes mischievous touch. He described his monotypes as “uninhibited” and said that he enjoys experimenting with chine collé and his etching press to create new textures, patterns, and imagery. “The prints are intuitive, and that’s what I like about them. It’s all about the process.”

The exhibition continues through March 2nd, 2013.


Michael Cutlip, center.


Michael Cutlip, Kathy Weaver and Michael Cutlip’s work, Scribble Scrabble (right).


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