Apocalypse 2012 : Genesis 2013

APOCALYPSE 2012 : GENESIS 2013 – What if the predictions become reality?

Special Exhibit    Jackson Junge Gallery  

September 14th – October 28th, 2012

Opening Reception:  Friday, September 14th, 2012, 6pm-9pm

Both Nostradamus and the Mayan Calendar predict 2012 as the year that life, as we currently know it on Earth, will come to an end.   While the reality may not be quite so dramatic, the dawn of a new era may well occur before we know it.   Some folks envision the prophecies as an end, but others see them as an opportunity for a brighter beginning.

Jackson Junge Gallery asked artists to render their vision of such an apocalypse and, more importantly, portray their ideas of what a new world might resemble.  The artwork chosen for the upcoming exhibit  “APOCALYPSE 2012 : GENESIS 2013”,at Jackson Junge Gallery, 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago, running from September 14th to October 28th, 2012 illustrates exactly this duality.  An opening reception, free to the public, will be held Friday, September 14th from 6 – 9pm.

Humanity has always been fascinated by apocalyptic predictions, both frightening and redemptive.  Over 30 local, domestic and international artists’ interpret and illustrate where the change from 2012 to 2013 will take us.  The works explore themes of transition and re-birth.  Mediums include painting, photography, sculpture, print work, installation and digital.  The exhibit also includes a live performance by Chris Wille during the September 14th opening reception.

“We were very interested to see what the artists’ visions of the future would bring us.  It is quite a diverse array of intriguing ideas,” ” commented Chris Jackson, co-curator and director of Jackson Junge Gallery.

 Exhibit Highlights:

Newcomer (Xenicus Longipes, Extinct 1972)”, Kristina Knowski (Watercolor on Paper, 77” x 47”)  Many naturalists look to bird behavior to help predict and study the future.  When bird species begin to become extinct at an accelerated pace, it is only natural for us to fear for our own survival. Using her motif of a nonexistent unicorn, Knowski has painted a realm where reality is only imagined. In Newcomer drips of watercolor abstractly represent a non-specific after-world where the unicorn welcomes the now extinct Bush Wren, or Xenicus Longipes, into a realm of nonexistence. The concurrence of the nonexistence of the extinct bird and the imaginary unicorn force the viewer to question the reality of their own existence and its fragility.


The Simple Life”, Richard Laurent (Oil on Canvas, 24” x 24”) A Dinosaur saunters across the canvas, Starbucks mug in hand, while an unsurprised viewer watches from behind a curtain.  Laurent playfully toys with the idea that the future described by science fiction may be true in one respect, except we become the dinosaur.

The Simple Life by Richard Laurent

The Unfortunate Consequences of A Piece of Tail and A Bit of Greenery”, Caitlin Rose (Pen, Ink and Crayon, 9” x 12”)  A ring of white bunnies join hands in a circle around a twig with a single leaf, their heads reverently tilted up towards the full moon, while a limp and bleeding squirrel is sprawled on the sparse ground near them.   In this piece Rose portrays the fear that in a post-apocalyptic cultural environment, differences and individuality may not only be discouraged, but also be considered a threat to the well-being of the community.  The work explores both potential spiritual and religious consequences to this development.


Honeycomb Tower”, Justin Miller (Oil on Board, 20” x 32”)  The remains of a skyscraper convey a dark gothic atmosphere in the aftermath a world of worn disheveled buildings    Just as ruined cathedrals dot rural country sides, spires of twisted metal, steam, and rust prevail as a testament to prior architectural wonders.


“Anima”, Laura Lee Junge (Oil on Board, 56” x 42”)  Anima soul life, breath, vital force, or spirit…..  This peculiar portrait resonates with the contrast of a pleasing symmetry and an uncanny mystery.    “Anima” confronts the view by her very presence into asking who we think she is, and therefore what we think will come next. Have we conquered racism or instilled it deeper?  Are we fighting or celebrating?  Has anything changed?  What are we capable of changing?


APOCALYPSE 2012 : GENESIS 2013” is part of Chicago Artists Month 2012, the seventeenth annual celebration of Chicago’s vibrant visual art community presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.  For more information, visit www.chicagoartistsmonth.org.

The Jackson Junge Gallery features the work of Laura Lee Junge and other contemporary artists.  The Gallery is open every day of the week, free of charge. Hours are Monday thru Saturday: 11am – 8pm, Sunday: 12 Noon – 5pm.  For more information, visit http://www.J2Gallery.com.

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