Jeff Gillette Slumscapes, Carl Ramsey New Urban Paintings

Jeff Gillette, Caracas/Tree Park 2, Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 36″, 2012

Jeff Gillette Slumscapes Carl Ramsey New Urban Paintings

July 12 – August 18, 2012

Artists Reception Saturday July 14, 2012 • 4–7 pm

Gallery Hours Wednesday–Friday 11-6 pm • Saturday 12–5 pm

Bert Green Fine Art 8 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 1220, Chicago IL 60603 312-434-7544

Bert Green Fine Art is pleased to present two solo shows of new paintings by Jeff Gillette and Carl Ramsey.

Jeff Gillette, originally from Detroit, MI and now living and working in Orange County, CA, has for about a decade, been painting works which examine the aesthetic structures and visual patterns of human settlement, specifically that of shantytown style slums in India and South America. To the artist, there is something ineffable behind the obviously chaotic and desperate appearance of these places — a universality of human spirit and a strange beauty which comes out of the necessity and raw honesty of the will to survive.

Carl Ramsey, a San Diego native and current resident of Los Angeles, is invested in his surroundings as an involved observer, capturing the look, feel and rhythms of the vibrant cityscape. His works are carefully constructed compositions which communicate a formal narrative of place. The areas which he depicts tend to be poor and neglected, often in transition, and can appear to be lost in time — contemporary and yet wistfully lost or easily confused with decades past.

Carl Ramsey, Police Car with Dumpster”, Oil on Linen, 24 x 30”, 2012

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