Superheroes and Vignettes of Day-to-Day Life

Who fits the persona of hero? Just what can we discern about a person through looking at a photograph? Internationally acclaimed photographer Dulce Pinzón and award-winning Maggie Meiners bring questions of identity and perception to ZIA Gallery’s next exhibition, Superheroes and Vignettes of Day-to-Day Life, opening Friday, June 22, 5 – 7:30 and continuing through July 28, 2012.

Both photographers focus on quiet lives. Meiners speaks of “the self we expose and the self we keep private.” She seeks to reveal aspects of an individual through compositions that capture features other than the face. Pinzon both disguises and reveals her subjects with costumes of American and Mexican Superheroes. In this manner she pays homage to “the Mexican immigrant worker in New York who has gone unnoticed.”

Through the device of a costume, Pinzon highlights the sacrifices of real people who somehow manage to survive and save money to send home to their families in Mexico. The photographer accompanies each image with a caption identifying her “superhero” by name along with the amount of money sent home on a weekly or monthly basis.

Dulce Pinzón, who was recently nominated for the prestigious Prix Pictet, will unveil her new book The Real Story of the Superheroes which is being published in English, Spanish and French. Books should be available at the opening for purchase and the artist/author will be on hand to autograph copies.

Meet the artists at their opening reception on Friday, June 22, 5 – 7:30.  All are welcome. The event is free and open to the public.

Dulce Pinzón and Maggie Meiners
Superheroes and Vignettes of Day-to-Day Life
548 Chestnut St.
Winnetka, Illinois 60093

The exhibition continues through July 28, 2012.

Find ZIA|Gallery 2 blocks from the Winnetka Metra Station.

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