ART FUTURA Call for Artists

James Rondeau, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, will serve as juror of the 2012 submissions and award three prizes ranging from $300 to $1,000.

Materials must be received by: APRIL 10th, 2012

 Drawing
 Electronically Generated Images
 Mixed Media
 Painting
 Photography
 Printmaking

1. Send up to 3 images per entry; can be 3 different works or 3 images of one piece
2. Images must be jpegs, burned to a CD – 300 dpi with pixel dimensions no smaller than 1400 x 2100 (4 x 6 inches)
3. Label CD with Artist’s name, title of image(s), media category, dimensions (Please do not use square sticker labels); Save image file names with title of the piece.
4. Fill out Exhibit Entry Form
5. Entry fee $30 for up to three pieces (may all be submitted on same CD)
6. SASE envelope for return of materials (if desired)
*Images will not be returned, unless requested and appropriate return materials are provided

Questions? Contact Alex at

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