Book release party for The Legend of Henry Brewer

A book release party for The Legend of Henry Brewer: The Axe Man will be held at the Green Eye Lounge on December 29, 2011 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.  The event is hosted by Atomic Sketch Event, a monthly live art event featuring a panel of established and emerging artists from Chicago.  Written by James Di Angelo and illustrated by John Airo, the graphic novel tells a story of a small town in Iowa that is terrorized by two separate serial killers in the 1930’s.

John Airo is a Chicago artist whose work ranges from graphic novels to large format pieces using several different materials (pens, markers, acrylics, water colors, cardboard and plastic, to name a few).  One of Airo’s largest works to date is an over 300 ft. mural displayed on the exterior entrance of the popular Chicago nightclub NEO.  He has produced and directed music videos and created album covers, posters and t-shirt designs for musicians/bands such as Clutch, Suicidal Tendencies, Mr. Bungle, Poi Dog Pondering and Chris Connelly.  Airo draws most of his inspiration from his surroundings and finds that you have to look beyond the surface to uncover beauty in areas that it is least expected: in fascinating piles of discarded metal, brick and glass; in cold brick walls with brightly colored names that pop-up overnight; in the unexpected amount of wildlife living just under our noses within this city.  Airo notes that he does not create art in an attempt to fight his personal demons- he creates art to set free the characters and places envisioned in his head and to share them with the viewer.

The inspiration behind The Legend of Henry Brewer: The Axe Man actually came from one of Airo’s drawings.  Di Angelo noticed a piece on Airo’s website site called “Axe Man” and it motivated him to pen the graphic novel.  After reading the script and really enjoying it, Airo offered to illustrate the story.  This is Airo’s first full length graphic novel.

In addition to releasing The Axe Man at the end of 2011, Airo also has a group show opening on New Year’s Eve at the Metropolis in the Flat Iron building, two illustrated books in the works and a solo exhibit slated for late January/early February.  He is currently exhibiting at Downtown Bar & Lounge and The Morseland.

The Green Eye Lounge is located at 2403 W. Homer, Chicago, IL.
To view more of John Airo’s artwork, please visit his website at

For more details on any of the information contained in this release, for a preview of the book, or to request an interview with John Airo, please contact Ajay Gosain at or Lesley Smith at

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