September Artist Showcase: Kyle Van Heck

North Riverside Mall Theatre To Present
Art and Photography Display Throughout the Month of September

North Riverside Mall Theatre, at 7501 West Cermak Road, is excited to welcome artist and photographer Kyle Van Heck for their upcoming art display throughout the month of September. Van Heck has been a photographer for four years and has been creating newspaper collages and oil paintings for eight years. The theatre will be presenting Van Heck’s works in the lobby exhibit space for movie-goers to enjoy.

Van Heck is known for repurposing art. Notably, his collages, for which he takes newspaper clippings and other recycled materials and creates works of art, manage both to convey messages yet also speak differently to everyone who views them. “Not only does this process repurpose old material, but it takes original images or pieces of images intended to make a certain message and turns them upside down, or into something else entirely,” explains Van Heck. A few of Van Heck’s collages will be on display at the theatre.

Patrons will also find a few samples of Van Heck’s photography on display. Presented photography is part of a series called “Shadows & Confines,” which examines the connection between urban landscapes and natural beauty.

When asked what inspired Van Heck to become an artist, he offers “the idea that you can create anything you want and there are no rules.” Van Heck is very excited to display at North Riverside Mall Theatre, and says, “People going to the movies tend to be very involved in popular culture and media, and much of my work is drawn from those areas of life.” To learn more about Kyle Van Heck and his artwork, please visit his website at

Each month, the North Riverside Mall Theatre provides lobby space to display the works of local artisans. Classic Cinemas, based in Downers Grove, Illinois, is a family-owned company operated by Willis, Shirley and Chris Johnson. Established in 1978, Classic Cinemas operates 13 theatres with 99 screens in 12 communities in the Chicagoland and northern Illinois area. For more information on Classic Cinemas or the North Riverside Mall Theatre, please visit

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