Timothy Cross “Don’t Blink” at 2nd Floor Gallery

903 W 19th Street 2nd Flr Chicago, IL 60608
July 8th – July 30th
Opening: Friday, July 8th 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Timothy Cross “Don’t Blink”

Don’t Blink Artist Statement

I enjoy the simple things in life. The problem is nothing stays simple. It’s our nature to try and un-complicate the world around us – putting our experiences in organized containers. It’s too much for us to dwell on the enormous complexity of even a simple walk around the block. I prefer life to be simple but that just isn’t the truth of the matter. I use abstraction as a tool to unpack the containers and embrace life’s complexities.

Through art, and drawing in particular, I come to terms with the beauty of complex associations. Art allows me to get closer to unknown places and chaotic experiences. I learn that only then does my discomfort with the unknown abate. And only then we find that there are deeper places where once common objects become exotic and rules realign.

At the heart of what I do is the practice of drawing. I prefer basic materials: things like ink, paper, graphite and metal. It’s a sort of game I play with simple materials, coaxing together abstract compositions. They act for me as a base element, one layer to be layered with another thus mimicking the way we build experience as we walk through life. I see it as a metaphor, one thing plus another, plus another, slowly building up like a trellis of elements through which to hang our imagination.

Don’t Blink is a playful series of drawings and paintings on paper, aluminum and canvas. The works sit perched at the intersection of several techniques including: drawing, photography, painting, and printmaking. They begin as photographs taken as simple documents, a single point in an average day. They sit within my work as plain facts, a mundane reality serving as a catalyst for abstract compositions. The results are artifacts that bind together daily life with the memory of experience. Like a shadow made real they move forward as a part of some new experience.

Website: http://www.artslant.com/chi/events/show/97921-dont-blink

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